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  1. 6g is not to low? it looks like at 100g do not cut all vinyl.
  2. thank you. something was to tight and i think now is better. If problem continue I call uscutter.
  3. DecalAvenue

    How to cut from a saved PDF??

    Im not expert, but if you go to file there is an option for contour cut. Follow the wizard and see where it get you. For my other experience with other software, I think you need to print your design with registration marks so the laser in the cutter be able to see them and know where to cut around the design.
  4. Yes, it came that way, bend. Im going to call uscutter to see that they can tell me, maybe they send a replacement because I dont want to send the cutter, to much money on shipping.
  5. Hi I bought this cutter about 2 weeks. Im using vinylmaster cut that came with the cutter. Im trying to get clean cuts on designs. The designs are from the cameo software because I have i lot there and I dont want to start again doing all, so Im bringing them to VMC. Now, VMC vectorize the design and seen to me that the design is not so clean and straight lines no so straight lines. Any idea how to have a clean design? should i use inkscape or illustrator to vectorize? Im been playing with the pressure force, cutter speed, blade amount expose, etc. Right now i have cut speed 700mm cut pressure force 170g up speed 400mm/s baud rate 4800 blade offset 30mm for 45 blade Design are coming funny so i dont like it. Can some one tell me if this setup is good? bad? Other thing that i have notice is the blade holder, seen to me not straight and i thinking that causing problems, any idea? or suppose to be like that? Thanks.
  6. DecalAvenue

    MH721 and Win 10

    I have the same cutter and I use it on win 10 without problems. now, what I have is a problem with the blade holder i think. Seen to me that the holder is not straight, any idea? or the holder suppose to be like that? thanks.
  7. DecalAvenue

    What cutter to buy?

    Hi. Like I say before I do decals as a hobby and have a small cutter 12", but people start asking if I do big jobs, so what 24" or bigger cutter I should buy? What brand is best?
  8. DecalAvenue

    First custom made decal

    Hi. This is my first 2 serious costumers, and one of them ask for a custom pikachu, meet Brad the surfer pikachu.
  9. DecalAvenue

    My first few attempts....

    Good job, I like the skull. I have not try yet 2 color vinyl. Or thats printed?
  10. DecalAvenue

    Hi from Florida!

    Hi everyone, Jay from DecalAvenue. We have been doing decals now for 2 month, but I always have been doing stuff "business from home" as a hobby and sure for the fun and extra cash. First was graphic designs, then websites, t-shirts, music and so on. I stop for a time because my job and my wife start all about crafts, candles, handmade neckless, clothing and yes, so on. Now are the decals and stickers. At this time we have no idea how to calculate the prices, but if we do a 5x5in decal 1 color, we ask $6, I think this cover all, right? Transfer paper, vinyl, and also shipping if we need to ship. We are doing a lot of geeks/gamers decals because we have been ask to do it and my first 2 costumers ask for catbug and pikachu, batman, and a big company that we made a few too. From this point we are getting all our costumers from friends and other costumers referrals. We are glad to be here and share with you, thats all for now, Thanks.