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  1. Yeah actually I'd have to put it as -.5 both ways and I don't think there is a way to do that.
  2. I realized in my diagram I drew the 3rd box in the wrong spot so here is a new one. Hope this helps out someone with a similar problem. solved2.pdf
  3. I figured it out by measuring the offset distance and noticed it was exactly .5 off left and up. I made my own registration marks by making a square size w .5 and h .5 printed it out and when cutting deleted the square marks. It worked perfectly I attached a scanned image with steps if anyone can read my chicken scratch. But I hope that this helps someone out as I was frustrated with this for almost 2 weeks. Also thanks for all the suggestions. I used Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 and UsCutter 53'' SC beginning.pdf solved.pdf
  4. This is how it was drawing the image with the pen. It should have went over the black printed line. I followed all the steps and it was always off and yes with registration points.
  5. Hello I know now that there is no support for contour cutting but there has to be a way to do it with the SC. I LOOKED LONG AND HARD and have found some stuff that I thought would work. I 1st thought it was the sure cuts alot program so down loaded sign cut and spent many hours finding a video for that. But still no good it does not cut where it is supose to cut even after going through all the steps. I'm kinda disapointed with this seeing that we bought it so we could do contour cutting, it is my 1st plotter so I did't read the fine lines. But isn't that what a plotter is suppose to do? Very aggrivated . IF ANYONE FIGURES OUT HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW... THANK YOU

    Contour problems with 53'' sc

    Hello everyone, I been tring to figure this out since I received the machine. I'm using sure cuts alot 3 and the uscutter 53'' sc and the contour is not lining up correctly even after calibration and going through all the steps. I tried creating my own registration points and came close but not the results that I want. If anyone has any information on how to fix this and contour cut with the sc I would greatly appreciate it. - Thanks