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  1. Hi everyone - I am having a cutter problem that is driving me crazy and I hope someone can help me out. I am using Windows 7 and have a printer parralell port (25pin) connecting my Refine EH721 vinyl cutter. I am currently using ARTCUT and SIGNBLAZER ELEMENTS to cut to it. The problem is that what I see on screen is not what is coming of the cutter. Problem: Everyting looks fine on screen in Signblazer except when I cut the image it will mirror the image and rotate it 90 degrees. I have this problem also in ARTCUT as well. It is very painful as most of my signs are over 1 meter long it always wants to tile it to the vinyl. It all looks fine on the screen though - Driving me crazy. Please help. Im in Australia by the way and the Refine EH721 is similar to the MH721 i think.