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  1. Hi Yall its been a few years since Ive been on. I had a Stroke 3 years ago caused by going to a chiropractor for lower back problems. he yanked my neck and caused arterial separation and I laid in Memorial Hospital South Bend Indiana for a month. I'm healed up pretty good doesn't do no good to complain, as Andy Dufraine told Red in the MOVIE SAW SHANK REDEMPTION it all really comes down to one thing!!! GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DIEING.. Anyways my question is my Graphtec FC-8600 Takes 24" Vinyl. How do I set the default settings to come up to be default to 24" everytime. See below. Thanks The Captn
  2. Capt'n Morgan

    Its Been A Long Time Question Please

    Thanks for all the great REPLIES. Now I remember why I haven't Posted In 4 Years!
  3. Capt'n Morgan

    Applying Oracal 651 Vinyl Stickers On Auto

    What do you guys reccomend? Do you use some kind of application liquid? And if you dont have any available can you use distilled water and a drop of dish soap in the water added to a spray bottle okay? Any Ideas? Thanks Duke
  4. I am no Virgin in Business as I am an HVAC Contractor and owned and operated a business for 10 years before (as I tell people) getting a real job and working for my local County and decided to chase a Pension. As it stands it worked out well for me as I retire in just less than two months. I invested in this business for my Wife and I guess myself in hopes of keeping us busy and maybe to make a few Sheckle's $$. I started this business without knowing Jack Diddley about it I mean ZERO Nadda. In doing so, there is an increased learning curve in not only what to do in every aspect of the business which includes learning software & design, equipment operation, materials... what works and for what which is including building Inventory. It seems I have spent every buck we have made the past three months Increasing our inventory. In our plans What we are doing or will be doing is Glass Etching, Decals Outdoor and Indoor Wall Art, Sublimation of Coffee Mugs and T Shirts. As we know it takes a lot of Inventory to have what you need to sell what people want and I am sure there are some mistakes to be made along the way (all part of the learning curve. My questions are this. 1. What is a Good number $$$ for starting up a business as I have described above? And I am talking from scratch. Zero Dedicated Computers, Zero Equipment, Nothing. 2. How long Until you will start to see or receiving real profitability? Thanks ~Duke
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    Starting Up A New Buisness Cost and Profitability

    Well Dakota all I can say if I am off to a great start I can thank you the Mods and other members that have a gave me the answers I have needed along the way. The reason I asked the question in the first place was because MaryJane "MY BOSS THAT TELLS ME WHAT TO DO" and sometimes where to go! Is getting a Lil discouraged with not seeing a POT OF MONEY YET. I told her it takes time to build a business most especially getting into something starting out not knowing nothing or having nothing. I have done allot to improving our operation down to proper lighting, having all the correct hand tools, storage, and stocking up on product like all types of glassware (for etching what we have mainly been doing) along with starting to build sublimation inventory. It takes time I tell her and you have to find what people want and have the product to deliver. I told her it will realistically be a couple years before seeing continued profit. ~Duke
  6. Has anyone used this cutter using 30" Vinyl to cut a full 24 inches? And if so, do you feel its worth using and find your less limited and is it more economical? Hindsight is always 20/20 wish I would have went a 48 incher. Sometimes Size Does Matter! By the way I've had it a couple months and love its performance. Thanks ~Duke
  7. Capt'n Morgan

    Opinion On Best Selling Indoor Vinyl Colors

    Ok you guys talked me into the Oracle 631 Vinyl and the HT-55 Application Tape What would you say if you had a choice of the 3 Best Sellable Colors to start with and the Vinyl Finish For Walls, Mirrors, Glass, and so forth for Sayings For example "Home is Where The Heart Is" Things like that what would they be? Thanks ~Duke
  8. Capt'n Morgan

    Vinyl Indoors.

    What kind of Vinyl do you use for Indoors On Walls and other surfaces? Will 651 work? Hate to increase Inventory If I don't have to.
  9. Capt'n Morgan

    SUB Coffee Cup And Corel

    Getting involved in this Vinyl Cutting thing and the related Off Shoots of this has given me a NEW FOUND respect for all Of you folks. I have been busy learning the Vinyl end and glass etching end with good success. I moved onto Sublimation of Coffee Cups 11 oz size useing 3 1/2" X 9" Sub Stock. I go into Corel and make a 3 1/2" X 9" Layout Insert Picture and Text in it go to print and Its all Jacked up Only prints about 1" of the bottom part of my layout across the top part of the Sub Paper. Is there a template I am suppose to be using? I am useing EPSON 1430 printer Cobra Ink with proper profile setup just cant get it to print right. Thanks ~Duke
  10. Capt'n Morgan

    SunIE Poor Customer Service

    Well I ordered 2 Heat presses from SunIE on 7/26 . One 15X18 swing away and one for hats.I called them a couple times trying to get a tracking number left them a message to E-mail me one please but "NO SOAP" This last Friday 8/1 I recieved the Hat Press Fedex and never recieved the 15X18 press. I called sunIE of course they never answered the phone so I left them a message telling them who I was, my order #, the story with what happened, then asking them where is my press? Send me an E-Mail or please call and NOTHING! Then I called back Saturday, NOTHING So figuring they were trying TO SLIP THE Ole CAPt'n THE GREEN WEENIE! Last night I called PAY PAL and filed a claim on them! The Pay Pal guy was very nice and asured me win loose or draw I wouldn't be out the money I told him all I want is my press ( of course some comp's possibly a fith of Capt'n Morgan would be in order. ). I dont know about you guys but I try and use Pay Pal whenever I can for that purpose.
  11. Capt'n Morgan

    Setting Up My Small Shop

    I had to use and make due with what space I have so down in the basement I had a sports room in the theme of Michigan. The room is 14X16 and is probably puny compared to all of your shops but this is the best I can do without putting on a major rehab. I the Adjoining room I have pleanty of shelf space for storage and inventory but for the most part this is the room I will be working in. All of my Printers and Computer and plotter is protected by a CYBER POWER 1500va Surge Suppressor UPS unit that is hooked into the USB jack and when it senses power failure it will shut the Computer off safely in 5 minutes and when it does after that it disconnects power from everything that is UPS protected. The Computer is Home Built by me and Hooked into my network along with three other computers. My wife and I will be making Decals under 2' ft and will be doing Sublimation of Apparel and other Items along with Coffee mugs. We also will be sandblasting glassware and Stones but the dedicated sandblasting Equipment will be located in my Garage. Yeah I know its small but its comfortable. Well there it is so watcha think?
  12. If you could buy either one. And wanted the Best which one, which would you buy that will do the best Job. And oh by the way what's the latest of the versions cost. Thanks
  13. Capt'n Morgan

    Sandblast Mask

    I purchased some Anchor T227 BlastLite Stencil, 22 mil, Smooth Painted & Glass, medium tack, 20" x from US Cutter and it works GREAT but is hard to weed. I also purchased some Sandblast Stencil - 12 mil That is easy to weed but is stiff and doesnt have hardly any sticky to it. So little infact the stencil lifts right off the paper when being cut with the Graphtec in spots! (They are sending me a new roll) The surface I am useing it on is glass, and I clean it with Alchohol before applying so I know its clean. The mask still wants to lift off the glass. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a good thin blast mask thats easy weeding and sticky? Thanks
  14. I was working in Graphtec Studio and found a Option where you could make a Arched Line, then attach the text to it. The problem is, I want to remove the Arched line and Keep the arched text. Anyone done this. Thanks
  15. Capt'n Morgan

    Remove Curved Lines In Graphtec Studio

    Thanks to everyone & to Express2100 Tried yours and it worked like a champ!
  16. Capt'n Morgan

    Sandblast Mask

    Thanks for the suggestions! MaryJane My Weeding & Application Specialist loves the Oracal 651 Gives a finer more detailed line. On ceramic Coffee Mugs need a lil thicker material tho.
  17. I was needing the Red Blade Holder for my Graphtec FC-8600. I found this place that ships to my door for $99.00
  18. Capt'n Morgan

    Remove Curved Lines In Graphtec Studio

    Thanks guys! I will work on it tonight try these when I get off work. and get back to you on how I do. Thanks a Bunch.
  19. Capt'n Morgan

    Setting Up My Small Shop

    No Thanks. I wish we never would have Stole Ole D*ck Rodreguze from you guys in the first place, Three years and he nearly destroyed the winningest team in College football, and we still feel the aftermath of him today! Jesse989 The 75" Samsung 3D Smart TV with Sony Reciever and Surround Sound Klipsh Speakeris is upstairs in The Living room.
  20. Capt'n Morgan

    Red Blade Holder For Graphtec $99.00

    On my Graphtec FC8600 the one that came with it was built in, and the red blade holder I ordered an OEM Graphtec one was also. I like them better cause you dont have to fiddle with the springs! Guess thats partly the difference between a $10.00 Blade holder and a 90+ plus dollar one!
  21. Capt'n Morgan

    Remove Curved Lines In Graphtec Studio

    When I delete the arc the text goes back Flat! RRRRrrrrrrr pissin me off
  22. Capt'n Morgan

    Setting Up My Small Shop

    That's Duke Nukem with a Shot of Morgan
  23. Well bikemike got into Corel last night and that's exactly what you friggen did &%#$@@#@) Yeah Now What TF! Geesh! Anybody have a good deal on an older copy you want to sell? Gosh I hate buying software!
  24. Capt'n Morgan

    Setting Up My Small Shop

    Thanks to all, I appreciate your comments as it inspires me. Well I don't do nothing or know nothing in comparison to all of you folks as I am just starting out, no doubt about it, but what I do know and have learned over the years of having a HVAC Business and A Garage Shop is things get messy and production suffers from running around trying to find what you have. And we all know that sooner or later your going to finally hafta clean that shop! (we all know that right)? Well after many years I figure it should be sooner than later because later usually takes longer, and makes a person frustrated, & pissed off, and all kinda stuff can happen, It can ruin your day or a weekend..... Remember my better half MaryJane is the other 1/2 of this operation and we don't need being all rowled up at each other! After 32 years I also learned that happy wife means happy LIFE! Now lets get real here..............why in the hell would I want to jeopardize getting some night night sugar? So there ya go, We take the 10 -15 to 20 minutes and pick up after ourselves. In efforts to stay productive and keep things real around the house. I retire in 3 months, and we will be spending even more time together in our little shop so that will mean even more scrap will be generated. Thanks "GO BLUE"
  25. Capt'n Morgan

    Red Blade Holder For Graphtec $99.00

    Well I would like to, but Mr. Ross @Clean Cut Didnt send Springs with the 10 Blades I got From Him. So I just got off the Phone with them And Mr. Ross is now making good and sending me 20 of them right out. Never hurt having a couple Spares. They made good thats all Ole Duke expects So I am good to go.