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  1. Fortune

    what kinda of cutter for stencils?

    so i think im gonna go with the silhouette portrait. seems good for what i need it to do.
  2. im looking to buy a low end vinyl cutter. id would be using it to make stencils for airbrushing. never bigger than 11x7. or can someone make them for me for a good price?
  3. Fortune

    any suggestions? new to vinyl.

    think it would work if the edges glued and sealed undeneath the sole si it couldnt lift?. i can completely disassemble and reconstruct the sneaker no problem just looking to step up my designs from hand painted and stencils is all
  4. Fortune

    any suggestions? new to vinyl.

    thanks alot the shoes im applying them to are actually vinyl as well and dont flex much with zero creasing so i think i should be ok. but is there a certain thickness that is needed?
  5. Fortune

    any suggestions? new to vinyl.

    i see there are many experienced and educated people here in this field. hope fully you guys can help me. Im interested in adhering a printable vinyl to shoes. im pretty sure i can get it to stick no problem but im not sure what type of vinyl to use to be durable enough to handle flexing and light abrasions. but also thin enough that it still takes form of the shoe. any ideas? id be truly grateful.