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  1. Thanks for responding Jarrotto. I was afraid all I was hearing was crickets on this one. I also read the Airport Express is one-way, but it's definitely two-way when dealing with networking and the inkjet printers. The Graphtec software can see the laptop and vice versa. Maybe something's short some software. Anyway, I'll keep looking for a wireless solution, but in the meantime it's going to be USB cables.
  2. Hi, New to the Forum, but impressed by your helpful posts. Issue: Two inkjet printers print fine from the Airport Express USB print server port, but can't link the Graphtec EC5000 plotter via Cutting Master 3 from Illustrator. Otherwise, the plotter cuts excellent when plugged directly in the laptop's USB port. Anyone successfully use Airport Express as a print server for the CE5000? Anyone? Thanks, chris