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  1. Found this site to download Graphtec Studio or Graphtec Pro Studio. About to try to research to see what the difference is. Graphtec Studio you can download now Graphtec Pro Studio you must submit a request
  2. I just stumbled upon Graphtec Studio. It appears I can use that program to open files I already have. Searching now to try to download Graphtec Studio for computer to see if it will do what I'm looking to have done. Thanks!
  3. Awesome, Do you happen to know what type of file it needs to be to open directly with Cutting Master 3? I can't figure out how to open directly with CM3...
  4. My question is: Can you cut your image without first opening up illustrator? I already have my designs that get cut quite often, I would like to have a lower grade laptop at the office location that could stay there and only be used for cutting. My other main laptop would be used for designing etc. This would help relieve headaches and increase production for me and possibly others in this predicament. Thank you, Cole I use cut master 3 for cutting with adobe illustrator cc 2017 on a Graphtec plotter
  5. MZ Skeeter. I was unable to get in contact with Graphtec. As far as I can tell is the plotter wants to connect to usb 2 and i think my new laptop only has ubs 3 ports. Do you think this could be the issue?
  6. Ive tried multiple times but I keep getting stuck. or i don't understand a step in the process....
  7. the exact info is at the office but i believe it says 3.04
  8. Yea, I already installed those things. But I still can't figure out how to update the firmware. I followed the instruction but when I open the send.exe file I get stuck. I'm not sure what folder to go to in the "look in: "
  9. Are there any updates on this topic? I recently got a windows 10 4k laptop and am having issues where cut master 3 non stop syncs. I have downloaded the drivers and installed and uninstalled multiple times and It's not working.. Any reply would be great! Cole Also, I can't figure out how to update the firmware.. It's over my head.
  10. Boom

    Removable, reusable vinyl for auto applications?

    Yea make sure to use wall vinyl on a "escolade". The highways speeds will rip it right off the car when you are going faster than 1,000 mph. Tell him to keep it under 10mph. You can remove the vinyl anytime you want and reuse it. Most likely the vinyl will stretch and tear, but is still reusable. Applause for top question of the year.
  11. Boom

    Image Trace in cs6 vs???

    CS6 works fine for me. There are multiple options to chose from when using the trace feature. Including preset options and custom option allowing you to change more or less corners and a good amount of other options. I haven't tried any other design programs.
  12. Boom

    Vinyl and transfer tape

    Personally I have had better luck with the clear transfer tape. plus customers can see the colors and design a lot clearer meaning they are more opt to make the purchase. I think the paper mask is cheaper? Sometimes I use the paper transfer tape for sales on ebay and for decals already purchased. Just my .02 Cents
  13. < Does not require a tax ID number I'm not a huge fan of the T-shirts I have ordered through them. Every shirt I have ordered seems to shrink more than I like. I'm about 6'2 and hate when the shirt shrinks into a belly shirt. Not too appealing and a waste of money. I recently ordered a Tall shirt from American Apparel for $7.15 wholesale price... <<This thing is long. But unwashed. I sure hope everyone is buying made in America items. I'm trying to switch over as well.