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  1. demonic61

    sign i did

    thx to all
  2. demonic61

    sign i did

  3. demonic61

    New shirt I did!

    i see it looks good
  4. demonic61

    sign i did

    this is a sign that i did i built i welded up frame i took to powder coater they powdered coated frame and face then i designed the layout then cut it then i layed all vco on faces and install all this from my garage.
  5. thx yes its pretty good shape has stand and baskets and software i dont know much about graphtec i use roland here at home but we starting a sign shop and need a plotter to set work on monday not useing my roland haha i cant seem to find anything out there on the price on them
  6. hello, just have a question looking by buy a graphtec cutting pro fc5100-100 there asking 1800.00 is that a fair price for one.i have looked online have found really nothing on price can anybody help. thx