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  1. Just found this in the user manual.. So there is my problem.. Great..
  2. I just bought a Creation PCUT CS630 (with laser) as an upgrade, to my Copam CP-2500. Everything works fine, but when I try to contour cut in Signcut 2 (3 week free demo) the cutter stalls, and I'm not able to move the cutter with the arrows (not via keyboard or cutter) Everytime, I have to power down the cutter, to get it to work again. Anyone have an idea, what's wrong here?
  3. No I know. I know the quality of the machine, and only bought it to make money to buy a Roland or similair print/cutter, so I can have one machine, instead of two
  4. I have tried with other software, with same problem, so it's a software setting/Hardware problem. Copam has done me good, but was way slower, no USB, no contour cut, a LOT of failurs (Knife down, scroll accros the roll etc. etc.) so I had to sit on top of it. I got the Pcut CS630 for €300 - Which was cheaper than have my Copam shipped to my new location.
  5. That was very helpful. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi I just got my first Vinyl Cutter, a cheap Copam CP-2500 (To start with) I Just played around with contour cutting, but I can't position the blade through the SignCut software - Nothing happens on the cutter, when using the arrows. Does anyone have a clue why? Regarding this video, and read other places, you can contour cut with almost any cutter:
  7. Can anyone suggest PCI->Serial or USB->Serial that works with a Copam CP-2500 ? I bought 4 different, and can't get data through!
  8. Since my main PC only has serial, and not parallel port, I'm trying to get my cutter to work with serial. I'm using a XP PC with parallel and serial to test, and have no problems with parallel. (I don't wanna have 2 PC's running) If I do a Loopback test (Hardware) on the serial line, I get through, so my cable is 100% a RS232 Null-modem cable. When trying to cut, with everything setup, the cutter don't cut, and SignCut is getting nowhere (I guess it dosen't get a hardware repsonse from the cutter) Could my serial port on the cutter be broken? Or what is going on here? (Not going on )
  9. I installed a PCI-Parallel card with the correct drivers for my Copam CP-2500 When cutting, the cutter write "Cutting" in the display, and nothing more happens. Anyone have an idea why?
  10. I finally got my cutter to work in Windows 10 - The problem was the cable. Copam CP series uses a straight serial cable, and not a Null-modem cable as other cutters. UScutter adviced me to buy a Keyspan USB-Serial device, and it works flawless! Now I just needs to figure out how to cut directly from Illustrator, so my workflow will be cut down to a minimum.
  11. Problem "solved" I configured a Thin Client as print server, and can now cut via network.
  12. Well it's not a software problem, since I can cut with any programs. Only different is, that Signcut sends some sort of data through. The other programs don't.
  13. Signcut. Finally got Sign Blazer installed, but it messes my files up. Sign Blazer comes with an error though. "can't initialize cutter"
  14. Trying to get my main computer (Windows 7) to cut, instead of using a second one (Windows xp) with build-in Parallel port.
  15. I write that the cutter writes "Cutting" .. so the cutter does something.
  16. It is. And if it wasent, there woulden't get some data through to the cutter...
  17. I got the cable - Both Serial and parallel cable that came with the cutter. I have bought both Serial and Parallel USB/PCI adapters.
  18. TorbenC

    Reverse cutting direction

    Hi! I'm gonna cut out some lightning gels. I have some problems, because there is no backingpaper, to hold on to the gels. I'm gonna cut out a large circle, with smaller circles inside. But to prevent that everything moves around, I would like to cut out the small circles to start with, and then the outer circle last. How can I do that?
  19. TorbenC

    Reverse cutting direction

    Sorted it out! Don't know why I diden't think of it. I mounted the Gel on some transfer tape. Worked 100%
  20. TorbenC

    Reverse cutting direction

    I can't get a cutting map here. Have to buy it from another country I use the backing paper from some vinyl, but it dosen't stick. (Taping the sides to the gel)
  21. I now had my Copam CP-2500 for 2 months, and the demand for vinyl-cutting and multicolored stickers are growing. I have been offered a Roland SP-540v for $8000, the machine had a huge service 1 year ago. It's a lot of money, but I think I can get them back pretty fast. Does anyone know anything about "CIS" / DIY fill with Roland Machines? And should I look on other models or brands of print/cutters ? I would like to be able to make banners and posters also. Hit me
  22. I will try that Thank you! But I can feel that I will buy a much better cutter soon, maybe a printer/cutter.. This was just a hobby-thing to help out some friends, but the demand for stickers, posters, banners etc., are extreme! The established companies in the area, charge some insanly prices, when you look at cost-prices and labours. $2800 for covering a trailer (2x5 sq. meters) with some simple logo and script.
  23. I tried to do that, but when I started cutting, the cutter went back to it's original starting point.
  24. Im aware of that My problem is, that I can't move the blade through the software, to set the points. Don't know if it's a cutter problem, or software problem?