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  1. Thanks that was exactly my thought I must have been sent a wrong leg because when ivput the narrow channels correctly facing the inside. Only 2 of the screw holes line up on one side. The other side all four line up, so I can only assume whilst both legs look the same the are actually slightly different. On closer inspection it looks like those 4 holes as in your last picture are slightly offset in the narrow channel. So must be a specific side for each leg Will defina rely be taking this up with the supplier (ukcutter) Thanks for your help!
  2. I managed to figure that bit out after a good while head scratching!!. Can I ask did your centre support fit correctly? The two legs have 4 holes in the middle (for the centre brace) then there is 2 holes on one end which one hole lines up with the bracket I assume you screw them together I have had to turn one leg upside down though to get the centre brace to fit properly so now one one side I've got those two holes at the bottom near the feet! I'm to trying to work out if I have some how received a wrong leg as it looks like each one needs to be slightly different to fit with the shape of the centre brace
  3. In fact come to think of it they've definitely sent that stand and I'm sure it's wrong because wheree it mounts to the cutter, mine has like a square groove, which I assumed the mount slotted onto but it doesn't. Looking at the pic above that may be why as the white pcut is flat where the mount goes
  4. That's the stand I've been sent But my pcut looks like the laserpoint so not sure if it's the correct stand Also I notice the screws in the side of the legs holding the cutter bracket I had to turn one upside Dow to get the centre brace to fit
  5. Haha Well I've managed to get this son of a b***h up in some form although I am fairly certain the shop sent me one wrong leg as the only way it fits together is with one upside down. Won't cause an issue as the stand is as solid as it's ever going to be, but I'll be bringing it up with them. It looked like it may have been a demo/display one anyway as it was just slung in a box and there is numerous bolts that have no home and a few of the sizes were short, so seems to add up.
  6. Oops sorry typing on the mobile doesn't do any good
  7. I must admit it looks a lot like the laserpoint without the laser but that's about as far as my knowledge on that part goes I seem to have got somewhere by actually putting everything together backward starting from cutter mounting down as a test The thing that's got me scratching my head is the actual side legs have a channel either side and assume if figured out the right way around but the centre support only fits on one end and doesn't line up on the other unless you turn the leg upside down which will work fine bit I'll then have 2 holes on one side at the top and the other side will be at the bottom I think they should both be at the top because one lines up with the cutter mount bracket It's all a bit strange
  8. Ok no problem worth a try though as their forum is dead and will have to wait until Tuesday for help Thanks anyway
  9. This is the cutter
  10. It's red and black version the underside looks like this
  11. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mz SKEETER" data-cid="390347" data-time="1428168642"><p> Maybe post some pictures of where you are at....or what you have.. UScutter is not the same as UKcutter. <br /> <br /> This is the stand set up manual from UScutter for Pcut. <br /> <br /> <a href=''></a></p></blockquote> thanks I understand ukcutter is not uscutter I just hoped someone could help as I thought quite a few of these creation pcut were the same/similar etc I've looked at those instructions earlier but they didn't help much I'll put some pictures up later but as a general idea this is the point I have got to I have: the screws and locking washers etc 2 foot pieces with wheels attached The 2 side pieces (legs) with the 4 holes in the centerfield and 2 holes to one end the cutter mounting bracket 2 roller bars and 2 big silver round end pieces? Right the legs have a channel running top to bottom on both sides one is slightly different to the other (but both legs identical) these have four holes in the centre and 2 holes at one end (I'm not sure which way these go) and also which side the centre suppoDr is supposed to fit as it seems I can only get the centre section to fit one way The cutter mounting bracket again looking at the instructions and the way it goes on the top I just cannot get it to fit together I guess what I am really asking is does anyone have one on a stand and can show me how it fits together I should then be ok to assemble
  12. I've had a creation pcut cto360 nearly a year and recently purchased the floor stand The problem is there was no instructions and I can't for the life of me get the thing together I have looked at the instructions online but they are too vague to help The cutter doesn't seem to want to line up with the bracket holes and the legs only seem to be able to fit one way Any help would be appreciated Oh and the cutter was purchased from ukcutter as well as the stand I sent pictures which they requested to make sure it was the correct stand for my machine
  13. Having a major issue with sign cut and my pcut I have everything set up so it works but signcut will never complete a full job it just stops 3 quarters of the way through and goes back to the "online" state My plotter is directly connected through USB with correct updated driver installed Initially to get the plotter to cut I had to set the baud rate to 38400 and every job which fails in signcut finishes complete and correctly in signblazer so my plotter is communication with my computer It doesn't matter if the job is a large one or small one in signcut it will still fail A side not I couldn't get my plotter and pc to communicate with any other baud rate including 9600 I don't have a serial port so that is out of the question at the moment Any help appreciated Thanks
  14. I think that baud rate was wrong I set to 38400 and it works But I had the same issue and i was beginning my head against a brick wall and saw something somewhere regards the baud rate and it worked Although I don't have much luck using the cutter with signcut it always stops halfway through the job I have had more luck with signblazer elements which seems to work fine although the program itself is rather ugly and hard to navigate and get used to I wanted to use signcut because of the plugin for illustrator you can just export the design and that's it done with Signblazers a mess in that aspect
  15. I solved the problem I had to raise the baud rate in both device manager and signcut to (I think) 1480 and it worked