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  1. patrickjohnson

    Looking for school bus image

    Lookin for the school bus images: follow the following link --
  2. patrickjohnson

    Prepwork for print/cut graphics in Illustrator CS2

    The use of Silhouette Cameo.
  3. patrickjohnson

    Cut DIRECTLY from COREL on MH MK2

    Wonderful tutorial!! I think its a very useful tutorial and a very nice outcome.
  4. patrickjohnson

    Corel Draw boundary adjustment properties

    When text is attached to a shape you will need to Ctrl-click to select one or the other if you want to change line and fill properties independently and also Go to effects and put a check mark beside contour lines.
  5. When I'm working in CorelDraw and my paper size is A4 (it's shows in the left upper corner) I keep the size of my poster into the limits of my borders/paper. Meanwhile, I have nothing changed in the settings and I go to export my .cdr file : When im going to print the above RGB file(poster) it is printed all but leaves a big gap at the right of the page of my paper and at the left side of my paper has no border at all .I do not understand what I am doing wrong. How can I correct the issue?
  6. patrickjohnson

    info on making this in corel draw

    You may have to set up different click on basic shapes on the left and then click on perfect shapes on the top. when you will have the shape, play with the red node to get what you want for ends.
  7. patrickjohnson


    Great work I tend to use tutorials to get the ideas flowing
  8. patrickjohnson

    Corel Draw Tips & Vids

    This guy really shared very valuable tips about coral draw.It will surely help beginners to get knowledge about coral draw.
  9. patrickjohnson

    Boundary around image?

    Simply select the offset path line in the Appearance panel and Object>Expand Appearance.
  10. patrickjohnson

    Drops shadows in Coreldraw

    These are very valuable details, I did not get any kind of instructions when I got my corel draw!!! so this is great help for me , Thanks,
  11. patrickjohnson

    Corel Draw to Artcut

    I think it's getting converted to a dxf type file.Check your export settings. dxf files are for plasma cutters and use splines instead of brazier curves.
  12. patrickjohnson

    corel tutorials

    Useful tutorial,I just wanted to say that I have checked these tutorials and found these to be very useful for beginners and also for intermediate users.
  13. patrickjohnson

    Adding text, but it appears BEHIND a layer

    With all of our work on a single layer, we don’t have many options if we want to change something. We could undo our way back through the steps to get to the point where we can make our change, or we could scrap the whole thing and start over again.
  14. patrickjohnson

    Corel and rhinestone templates

    Great information,This tutorial will help everyone to learn many points about corel draw
  15. patrickjohnson

    cutting lmages directly from CDraw x5

    You will normally choose one or the other (solid or gradient mask).Check the Graphtec website and see if there is something there for corel and your cutter