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  1. gwestcorp

    Please help identifying a font.

  2. Yes the sun has been extremely hot here in Floriduh?! I offered to replace them and use a different roll of material but I think they are coming around to the fact that it could simply be the heat causing the problems. My other magnets that I've made recently aren't being removed daily like these were. So many people need magnets around here because they live in gated communities and have crazy homeowner rules. Glad I live in the woods and don't have any rules. Thanks for your insight.
  3. Does magnetic material go bad? Customer sent these pictures of magnets I made that are falling apart. He's had them a couple weeks. I cut them from a roll of .030 Magnum Magnetic. The roll is a few years old but I've done other magnets recently with no problem. Does anyone have an explanation for why this might be happening? I gave the customer a set of care instructions. Customer needs to be able to remove often. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  4. Love it - love anything camo! Wounded Warrior projects are amazing. Lots of gator hunters around me too. Lake Okeechobee area.
  5. gwestcorp

    Some layered decals!

    Newbie there's a youtube video for everything and anything you want to learn. Search layering decals, installing decals, sign vinyl, etc.
  6. gwestcorp


    Welcome. I'm in Martin County, Florida - Indiantown! Been doing this alone for 20+ years out of my home. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great
  7. gwestcorp

    Font help please

    I just discovered a great site with free font downloads.
  8. gwestcorp

    Can someone please convert this for me?

    will this work? Logo OxyLife Ocala rev2.eps
  9. gwestcorp

    Heat Pressed Shirts - Magnets - More

    It's a full color decal applied to white magnetic material. The black is printed.
  10. Here's some stuff I've done the last week or so:
  11. gwestcorp

    Pizza shop sign

    Looks great. I quit using parenthesis' around my area codes. I either use a dash or period to separate the numbers. Just a tiny less busy.
  12. gwestcorp

    Show Me Your Shops

    My sign shop is in one small bedroom. Heat press, t-shirt & vinyl storage, vinyl cutter, one 2'x6' tall table, one pine table desk and another longer Ikea table with adjustable legs. Outside in the barn I have a panel saw and larger tables I can work on.
  13. gwestcorp

    Looking for Cardinal on evergreen branch

    Here's two for you. Cardinal Bird 3.eps Cardinal Bird 4.eps
  14. gwestcorp


    I love Siser easyweed and do 2 layers all the time. I tack down the first layer for 4 seconds then tack the second layer for 4 seconds then remove mylar, cover both layers with kraft paper and press both layers for 12 seconds. That way you don't get the mylar lines on the first layer.
  15. Looks simple enough. For a friend I would have done it for $50. Maybe $75 for others.