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    Heat Transfer Vinyl on Canvas?

    Awesome thanks. Ill give it a shot.
  2. Looking to make some custom canvas tote bags. Does anyone have any experiencing using HTV on canvas bags? Looking for potential brands of HTV and how well it holds up. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  3. bgsnydermd

    Titan 2

    None of these sign programs are my cup of tea. I have been raised in the Adobe world so I always design there and just import into the sign software. Ill give flexistarter a try though I do hear a lot of good things.
  4. bgsnydermd

    1st window sign... need some suggestions.

    I would make everything smaller. Give the logo more breathing room. It looks like you crammed it in there. Use that negative space! And then make the number smaller to suit. Also, make "Hours" bold. That will be one of the most common things people look for so bolding it (and make it a little smaller) will help establish some hierarchy.
  5. I had a similar issue and it wound up being a loose blade. Just had to make sure it was really tight.
  6. Blade depth was good. It wound up being a loose blade! I didn't set the cutter up so my hands were never on the blade holder. I will apologize for my rookie mistake. Thank you all for the replies.
  7. bgsnydermd

    Titan 2

    So far so good with mine. I had one issue where the cutter skipped some parts of logos (that it wouldn't normally skip) as it moved from right to left. Then, when it came back to finish them, it was off by about an inch and a half horizontally. It wasn't a huge job so it didn't hurt. I shut the cutter off, restarted SCALP and it worked when I did the second run. I am new to vinyl cutting so I don't know all the ins and outs of it but it would be nice to get some more information on the Titan 2 (what experienced users think). I kind of took a leap of faith when I bought it since there isn't alot on here yet.
  8. bgsnydermd

    Pulled the trigger today

    I have had mine for about a week now. So far so good. A few hiccups but they were all user error. I do a lot of smaller text based stuff which requires some intricate cuts and its working fine. All of the settings worked right out of the box and haven't had to really make any adjustments. I slowed the speed down which was set to the max to start with, but that was just to be on the safe side. This is my first machine so I am by no means a pro at it. If I can get it to do what I need it to, im sure it will work for people who have experience operating them.
  9. So I received my machine yesterday and started cutting right away. It worked great. Everything was accurate, default settings worked fine. Today, I decided to use a different roll of vinyl that was smaller. I changed the location of the right most roller so that it would grab the vinyl. I was having problems with accuracy so I switched back to my larger roll and put the roller back where it was yesterday. I was still having problems. On smaller type (28pt Gotham) my letterforms look sloppy. Not all the lines connect. Its only off by a little tiny bit. But even beside the lines not all connecting in some areas, the stroke width of the letters just isn't consistent. I tried slowing the speed of the machine way down, I tried tightening the rollers some and then loosening some. And im still having issues. When I run the vinyl out some it moves a little tiny bit but not anymore than it did yesterday. I did a few "test" cuts. The lines are off just slightly. I understand this may be an offset issue but I don't know what to do to fix that. But why would it work fine yesterday and not today? I am using the exact same design at the same size.