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    GreenStar ?

    For weeding tools go to Harbor Freight. They have an aisle with picks and small scrapers - buy an assortment they are fairly inexpensive and work great
  2. Anyone have any luck installing a key-span on a mac OS 10.9.3 and using it with the Titan 2. I can use it with a USB cable but it does not see the key-span serial cable. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. SJay

    Keyspan - Titan 2 and iMac

    I have heard so many horror stories about USB, I thought the keyspan would work best.
  4. SJay

    Got My Titan Yesterday

    For the Titan to appear in the US Cutter List download SCALP 3.059 - they appear in that version.
  5. SJay

    Printable Vinyl

    Hi, I have a HP Z3200 wide format printer that I print on photo paper, canvas etc. I am thinking about buying a Graphtec CE6000 to cut vinyl with. I do understand that I can cut solid colors, but what vinyl can I use that is similar to a Oracal 631 that I can use my printer to print on and then us the cutter to cut it out? Thanks Steve
  6. SJay

    Printable Vinyl

    I have some of the phototex so when I get my cutter I will have to try it - may also get a roll from Lexjet and try theirs also, thanks for the suggestions.
  7. SJay

    Printable Vinyl

    I have that material - what I am trying to do is say - print a life size picture of a child playing sports, cut out the profile and then attach it to the wall, what vinyl would be best for that?