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  1. Hey guys! Awesome! We took the top off and bent the little piece of metal down so it hit the contact switch. Everything works awesome now! Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello! We just got the SC cutter, unboxed and setup. Removed the protective tape from the inside, installed the blade then turned the power button on. The carriage slides along to the right and hits the right far side. This is where the problem starts. It doesnt stop, It just keeps trying to go right into the side. And it makes a horrible noise as it cant go any farther. You can push the reset button down and it stops for a second and then tries to run into the side again and starts its terrible noise up again. We have tried turning it off and on, taking the blade out. We have tried manually moving to the left a little and it just runs back to the right and freaks out. Thank you for your support.