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  1. Through the software. Strangely enough offset and overcut doesn't act on the test cut through the software... I have been doing some testing and setting the blade offset to 0 seems to give me the smoothest cuts.. not sure why though.
  2. Force, speed, scale X, scale Y are the only menu options on the machine itself, both scale X and scale Y are set to 2000 but I don't know what that means.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a CTO630 cutter. I have printed a few stickers but the blade seems to cut corners slightly, not always join shapes and not always cut straight lines (sometimes it leaves marks where points are on the vector). To try and perfect the cutter settings I have just been doing test cuts. I have tried both high and low overcut and blade offset settings but each test cut looks IDENTICAL to the last, as if the cutter is ignoring the SignCut settings... Any ideas? Cheers. Picture of a few test cuts where setting were completely different on each cut but the result was the same...:
  4. Hi I have just purchased a PCUT CTO630. All of the operations are working on the control pad in "offline mode" but as soon as I set it to "online" and try to send it a command from the PC, the cutter LCD just displays "working laser" and nothing happens. How can I fix this problem? The software I have tried is SignCut Pro and SignBlazer. I have set up the cutter preferences how the tutorials have said to yet I still receive this problem and I cannot find a solution to it anywhere. I have tried it with both USB and serial connections. Thanks.