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    Hello from another beginner

    Some people will advise you cutters and vector graphics are not hard. EzPezy they will say. I think they are on drugs. The good stuff. All of this is hard. Super hard? No. But hard enough. Inkscape, CorelDraw, Affinity Designer, Xara Pro, Gravit, what ever cutting software that doubles as design, and Adobe Illustrator are all a step learning curve. I will say I find, and have anecdotal evidence from others that CorelDraw is more intuitive for those just starting. Illustrator just swarms with options.
  2. dcbevins

    Hello from another beginner

    Inkscape too, is much more like CorelDraw in its node editing than it is like Illustrator. So if you are going Draw, (despite having a Mac,) practice in Inkscape translates over well. Some people run into a few difficulties getting Inkscape running on a Mac. Notably that it requires xquarz to be installed properly and that as Mac systems are high DPI displays, some of the gui in Inkscape might look funny. When they start using gtk3 I think this will be fixed. You can try a bleeding edge developer version if you have the DPI problem with your display, as I think dev versions are built with gtk3.
  3. dcbevins

    Best Vinyl to use for Polypropylene Bags

    Never done these bags, but polypropylene is going to melt around 330 F. This stuff has a low press temp compared to others, but have never tried it. Limited colors. https://www.cutterpros.com/specialty-materials-polybag-flex-for-polypropylene-bags I have a bit of brand loyalty gong on with Siser. On one of there forums they state this: http://www.siserna.com/heat-apply-htv-heat-sensitive-material/ Maybe someone else has actually done this.
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    Hello from another beginner

    CorelDraw won't run on a Mac unless your using emulation to run Windows inside your Mac like Parallels or Boot Camp. Just an interesting note Corel recently bought Parallels.
  5. dcbevins

    1973 Mazda RX 3 Graphics

    Unleashed Productions have MX5's but don't seem to have earlier ones. Maybe it would due. Some and I think this one are free. Others you have to buy their package. CorelDraw's Connect library has a 2004 one, if you have access to that. https://vehicle-templates-unleashed.com
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    What do you use?

    I use CorelDraw and Inkscape. CorelDraw it is easier to limit colors. Draw has a different kind of fidelity for how detailed to attempt the trace and how much to smooth it out. Inkscape has better brightness threshold settings. It's stacking ability ins't all that great for making cut ready images, but good if your going for a more photo-realistic effect. Inkscape's autotrace is complex, takes a great deal of dealing with the settings. Draw is nice in that it has many bitmap tools built in, if your trying to tweak the bitmap before tracing. It has a color mode to b/w that can make line art. Works some times before an autotrace. It used to be that Inkscape could not do center-line traces and I only had Draw, but now there is an extension in Inkscape that allows it. The Inkscape centerline trace has more options to fiddle with, making it more versatile and harder to use at the same time. Draw's does reasonably well without all the settings. But center line trace is needed rarely. Like others have said, the bezier pen is the most reliable. Yes it is not push button easy, but it really does not take long to get good at the bezier tool. At first it is awkward and unintuitive. Sometimes it is a combination of both the autotrace and the pen. Sometimes, a dark pen or marker, some tracing paper, (a lightbox if you have it,) and a scanner make an autotrace go much better. Autotrace is not, and probably won't be unless some deep ai network is created, going to ever be more that 15%, manual trace is were it is for now. I don't know I would call that extra work, just normal work. Par for the course.
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    What happened to all-silhouettes.com ?

    Well that sucks.
  8. dcbevins

    eps files viewed as thumbnail??

    Sagethumbs works here on most of them. Is ghostscript working? Try gsview on one and see if it displays it. If it does, ghostscript probably is working and sagethumbs should too. Eps files can include a prievew, which I think sagethumbs goes to first. But is there is no built in preview, that is when ghostscript is supposed to step up and make one. http://www.ghostgum.com.au/software/gsview.htm
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    SB designs to PNG file

    If no bitpamp output in SB, export as eps and use Inkscape to render it. It is free. That dimension and dpi is going to be over 80mb. Might have to wait a min or three for it to render.
  10. dcbevins

    Seike SK1350T 54"

    Never tried Artcut. But if Mz Skeeter says it is junk I am inclined to believe her. However, if it does cut, and just sucks at design, then I might be inclined to keep it and get better design software. I am partial to CorelDraw, but Inkscape is free and does everything you could want for a cutter.
  11. dcbevins

    HTV Bubbling and Wrinkling on 50/50 blend

    I wasn't aware of what a Cricut Easy Press was. I found a video. It's a big hand iron. I change my opinion, to 1) It's probably the big hand iron not being a conventional press. 2) It still might be something to do with shrinking, but maybe a little of the shrinking and the lack of consistent pressure/heat on your iron.
  12. dcbevins

    Illustrator to VinylMaster

    I will paraphrase the others, and hopefully clarify. Vector file formats can have bitmaps embedded. Thus a vector file can contain non vector components, which obviously your cutter can't deal with. If you have all vectors in your vector file, exporting as a bitmap and then going through the autotrace process again to make vector again is a bad practice. If you have all vectors in the long run you will be much better off using those and not doing the vector to bitmap to vector autotrace dance. Autotrace can fail on an epic scale at times. Best not to count on it and find a better workflow. It might have worked this time, might work the next, but it is foolish to think it will work every time. Maybe in Illustrator you were using some bitmaps and autotrace is the only option. But Illustrator has an autotrace. Why not trace it there and have all true vector before going to VM?
  13. dcbevins

    HTV Bubbling and Wrinkling on 50/50 blend

    What comes to mind first is the shirts are not pre-shrunk and washing/drying is causing them to shrink. The shirt shrinks but the vinyl doesn't, thus wrinkles. Worse in 100% cotton, but a 50/50 blend can shrink too. Maybe you could find a supplier offering pre-shrunk ones. Pre-shrunk shirts aren't necessarily pre-washed. Some kind of machine is involved in pre-shrinking. You could try pre-washing yourself, but maybe this isn't optimal. Second thing that comes to mind is they got the shirt right from your press quickly and washed them quickly, (the same night.) HTV does better after it has cured for a day or two, the adhesive hardening and sinking into the fibers. Lastly, the brands involved come to mind. What brand of shirt are you using? Some shirt brands are more shrink prone. Thicker HTV while being inferior hand tends to not wrinkle as much. I wonder if normal EZ weed would be better here than EZ weed stretch. Sweaters are not performance material, (for athletic wear,) which EZ weed stretch is meant for.
  14. dcbevins

    New guy here and ofcourse I have an issue

    Life is a game. Money is how we keep score. Ted Turner
  15. dcbevins

    Having a hard time

    Nothing to add about your contour cutting problem but screen shots are really easy. Hit alt+printscreen, goto this website https://onpaste.com, hit ctrl+v, click the "i", get an imgur link. Then there is no distortion problems with taking a camera picture. There are dozens of other utilities too, I like the onpaste one as it produces a shareable link to the screenshot quickly.
  16. dcbevins


    What are we meaning by the term nesting here? I take it to mean fitting a number of objects into a given area so as to minimize waste of material, say vinyl. If that is the type of nesting you mean, is everything ungrouped? Will the objects you are trying to nest actually fit in the nesting area?
  17. No vector graphics really has a crop tool. That said, CorelDraw has a crop tool. What I mean is vector graphics lend themselves to boolean operations to change shapes, (path finder in Illustrator, Shaping tool in Draw.) Crop is something you do to raster images, not vector ones. That said, Draw does have a thing that will crop vectors, erasing nodes. It can go sideways at times. It also has PowerClip, which is a more versatile way to do clipping masks than others. It also, unlike say Inkscape will do an actual crop on a bitmap. Draw has several bitmap tools built in. If in Inkscape you set a clip, then do "Make bitmap copy" it is pretty much a crop.
  18. Try saving as .PS then from Inkscape instead of encapsulated post script. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ed6r48p98o9f67p/AAADKJKV87njxIymphRM3Dlea?dl=0
  19. I think it is something with the bounding box size. The bounding box, (page size in Inkscape,) is 2052.00000 x 1234.66675 px. The graphic itself is only 959.988 x 152.049 px. Inkscape has had bugs about eps bounding box size and may still have. https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/380501 . One quote from that bug report " The EPS specification is requires that the bounding box be the smallest rectangle enclosing all marks on the page. The 0.46 behavior was a bug. If your really want the bounding box to be the whole page you can draw a white line (assuming your page color is white) around the page." If I open it in Illustrator CC 2018, it opens, showing the bounding box size, but parts are off canvas if I drag and drop to an open document. Very early versions of Illustrator might not be showing the off canvas areas. I can't remember back to those versions how it handles off canvas or off page areas. It might be clipping part of the drawing. I suspect there is a way to make it show, maybe by increasing the document size. Here I set the page size to the artwork size in Inkscape and exported out of Inkscape. I THINK this will work for your Illustrator version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ls98ux1418usxsb/NSC 02.eps?dl=0 If it does not work, try saving out of Inkscape as post script, .ps. CorelDraw 2018 didn't have a problem with it. It relies on Ghostscript. MZ SKEETER Inkscape will open eps files. It can use internal code or poppler/cario libraries. It prompts on open or import for the method. It used to rely on Ghostscript, but doesn't in current versions. But your better off always in Inkscape keeping a native file format of Inkscape svg for later editability.
  20. Can you post a link to the eps and or svg in question? First thing that comes to mind is your using a clipping mask which don't go from Inkscape to Illustrator well all the time. In my mind this is when using PDF but might effect eps too. You might also be using a filter effect which Illustrator can't deal with. Might be something else, transparency/alpha/opacity, some gradient or other effect that typical gets rasterized out of Inkscape to eps.
  21. dcbevins

    Upgrading really old setup

    Ok, I got to say it. Windows 3?????????????? Not even Win 3.1. I mean I could almost stand by a diehard on Win XP. Almost. But with Win 3 your shooting yourself in the foot. Bite the bullet. Go 64 bit. The nineties called and ask for their OS back. Your Win3 machine saw OS/2 on a milk cartoon and thought they saw him in the office cubicle at the end of the hall. I understand you got the hang of the software, are happy were you are. But you won't find a single new thing for that computer. Your going to have problems getting any support. The technical support you may encounter probably weren't even alive when Win 3 came out. Networking the machine to any other modern computer is going to be hair pulling. No USB means floppy disks. Sooner or later the Win 3 machine is going to die. Why it hasn't is a miracle, like seeing Jesus on a piece of toast or something. Exchanging or receiving artwork from clients is going to be like climbing mount Everest, backwards, blind folded, and on a tequila bender. If you want to add a scanner, a modem, or anything, your going to have to move jumper settings around on the mother board, maybe the sound card and hope there isn't an IRQ conflict with your serial port. Change means you can lose control. It means you face uncertainty, surprise, difficulty, humiliation, extra work. But it has rewards too. Every day it's a brand new world.
  22. dcbevins

    HTV with mug press?

    HTV is for fabric. That said, someone always try the non standard. These guys did. https://shopcraftables.com/blog/can-i-iron-htv-on-that/. Though ceramic isn't on their list, I imagine HTV will stick like their results for glass. I wouldn't count on HTV on a mug to last one dishwasher cycle, any brand or type of HTV.. HTV is the wrong product for anything but fabric, (maybe leather like stuff also.) Sublimation is what most go for for mugs, with a mug press. You need the right kind of mug too for sublimation. Regular sign vinyl would have a higher chance of making it through a dishwasher. But I wouldn't count on it lasting forever. If the mug were hand washed, odds improve.
  23. dcbevins

    Little help please

    Don't know what that is, but athletic and academic types seem to be happy with a collegiate font. https://www.fontspace.com/category/college
  24. Yeah CMX is an obscure Corel only format. Try saving as eps.
  25. dcbevins

    inkscape file won't open in corel

    Draw needs GHOSTSCRIPT to open eps. It installs with the program. I doubt they are missing ghostscript as they specifically asked for eps, but who knows. Post a link to a problem eps and we can look at it. I think really really really old versions of Inkscape would save as AI. Current versions don't give that option. That you were able to save as AI suggests you should first try the current stable version of Inkscape, as you are years behind the curve. An old version might not handle eps well. Newer versions internalize their post script handling where older versions I belove relied on ghostscript.