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  1. dcbevins

    What to bring for wall install?

    Tweezers. If it is not a smooth wall, maybe add a tennis ball to your list. In that same vein, something to push on the vinyl while you lift it up with tweezers like this https://goo.gl/UyUAvX if it won't stick to the wall and wants to lift with the transfer tape. 631 is much less sticky than 751. You could have issues if the wall has texture. Alcohol could discolor the wall. A cleaner that won't discolor and dries fast.
  2. dcbevins

    Importing SVG files to SCALP 4

    Here I resized it again and made it all RGB. Probably should have lead with that. I would be curious as if it makes any difference. I saved from Illustrator CC to Illustrator CS6. I am not as sure where all the color settings hide in Illustrator. I mostly use CorelDraw. But I am pretty sure I got it to be RGB. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o17o04ukaij2hrm/86txtroopResizedRGB.ai?dl=0
  3. dcbevins

    Importing SVG files to SCALP 4

    I don't know enough about SCALP to know what is happening. One thing that stands out is the artwork is larger than the canvas. Maybe this gives SCALP grief. Link below for a ai file with the canvas resized to match the artwork. The color document model is using CMYK. Maybe SCALP can't deal with cmyk? I also am a bit confused what this has to do with SVG. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q766n6ummlb6h64/86txtroop resized.ai?dl=0
  4. dcbevins

    Never had to do this so trying to figure out a easy way

    In CorelDraw it is the Contour tool. The regular one gives more precision, but the interactive one is fast.
  5. dcbevins

    F&M Expressions Question

    I think most are plastisol. You basically screen print a PVC based ink onto the transfer paper. Because it is a screen printing process, they charge a setup fee as they have to make the screen and have minimums. It's not economical to produce screen printed stuff in small volumes, most of the time. You can do this properly, (mass production,) with proper screen printing gear. You can do this DIY with some basics, but probably can't get high production. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=diy+plastisol+transfers
  6. Not sure how a blank white surface can not look nice enough. It's blank. If you don't what the corrugated plastic, don't want to cut your own aluminum, then maybe you should just outsource to someone that can cut it. You might go foam board like gator board. https://www.gator-board.com
  7. Corrugated plastic comes in 4'X8' sheets. Then you cut it down to size. https://www.grimco.com/Catalog/Products/InteproCorrugatedPlasticPanels or https://www.uscutter.com/Corrugated-Plastic-Sign-Blanks-Standard-Grade-4-x8-x4mm-50-Sheets . Home Depot sometimes carries stuff like this. You can get aluminum sheets at 4'x8' too and cut down. Helps to have a machine that can cut them.
  8. dcbevins

    Need help with this.

    That is one were autotrace in any program is going to have difficulties. It is low resolution. It has thin lines for the shadowing and brush bristles. I would think only a manual trace would be viable. It would not be too time consuming, but not trivial either. That I think is why you haven't had many responses as it approaches real work. I would suggest a commercial vectorization service if you need speed. If you view this as opportunity, then get out your bezier tool/pen in your preferred program and learn it. If you can't pay a commercial service, or can't figure out the bezier tool I might be willing to take a stab at it. However, I don't think it makes sense to try to recreate it exact to form. It would be better to lose the shadowing. That would make it far simpler. It would drop the color count a great deal. Now, you have the blue of the letters and the brush, the light blue of the shadows, the black of some shadows and the bottom of the brush, the green of the tooth paste, the light green tooth paste shadow, and maybe white. That is five or six colors. Two or three would be simpler and easier if it were to be cut vinyl. How true to form does it need to be? What is their need for vector? Production like cut vinyl? Large format print?
  9. dcbevins

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    Maybe one of these groups know. https://www.tineye.com/search/579e0668134eaf2591b613dfca05b26ccf7f5361/
  10. dcbevins

    Help identifying this image

    No Marvel character I have ever seen. None of the reverse image search engines find it or anything close. What does the customer say it is? https://www.tineye.com/search/d0c0c98f94b6fb0c13020121cde6e6474c1542f3/
  11. dcbevins

    Cutting rounded corners on coroplast

    Many places have corner rounders for aluminum signs that work on coroplast. The good ones are a bit costly. So probably only a good thing if your doing this a great deal.
  12. dcbevins

    printing vinyl

    I would think this would be far more trouble than worth. But I've heard of some that replaced or added the carriage, tubs, inks, heater, curing module, waste tank, and got a printer not designed for it to spit out latex. I never heard the whole details. I suspected BS. The cost of all that would be about the same as a new printer. Short answer. No. You can't do it. I am not even sure with a latex printer they will work with printable HTV. I have only heard of solvent or eco-solvent working with printable HTV.
  13. dcbevins

    Crinkled htv

    I am not sure what is going on. First thing I thought of was maybe you are not pre-pressing for a few seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.
  14. dcbevins

    Printable vinyl

    I buy the off brand inks for my daily printer. Just for printouts like receipts or other text, and drafts of a project mostly. Some times I am not sure if I come out ahead as it clogs more so more cleaning cycles. But the regular cartridges are 4x as much. That makes up for a lot of cleaning cycles.
  15. dcbevins

    Printable vinyl

    A place I used to work used all Roland inks and never laminated. Decals for vehicles, signs, print directly on banner, all just raw. The inks held up just find with out added protection. Added some frog juice on occasion.