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  1. dcbevins

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    I've been to Ocala many years ago, the ex, (then gf,) had relatives there we used as a base when hitting Orlando. Before we left we hit one of the local farms there and scored a bunch of watermelons. I would think being 67 adds some life experience that will help in your vinyl cutting voyage.
  2. dcbevins

    Flexi 10 import error

    Found a text fragment in a very obscure web site. "Windows 2000 may not show PostScript or Adobe PDF import because psih.dll is not loading. In this case GDIplus needs to be installed. That can be found on the DVD by running Util\\Windows 2000 GDIplus\\gdiplus_dnld.exe. The installer will automatically install the missing DLL if it cannot be found on your Windows installation. On launch you must set the path to \\Windows\\System32.\par" Apperatly very old if it is for win2k, but maybe there is a similar thing on your cd.
  3. dcbevins

    Newbie Help

    If your BRAND new to this, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. It will be extremely difficult to start with understanding the equipment, understanding application techniques and using vector graphics. Knowledge about how the equipment works; weeding techniques and application to substrates with transfer tape/squeegees on varying surfaces and vector graphics not raster graphics are not too difficult if shown, but hard to acquire solo. If you have a local shop, or just a local person that already does this and can show you the ropes for a few days, it will go a long long long long way. Youtube videos can't really give the full monty, just tease you. Even if you have to travel and beg a shop to let you hang around awhile, a night or five in a motel wouldn't hurt. If you have someone that knows the ropes and can come over and get you up and running, that would be idea. But diving into this with zero experience will be grueling.
  4. dcbevins

    Looking for a little help on this one.

    Inkscape is totally free. Grab a copy.
  5. dcbevins

    Looking for a little help on this one.

    You are never going to get an autotrace to completely match that. Good enough might be possible. Here I just ran it through Inkscape. Looks hard to weed but not impossible. Though you might could tweak settings to get it better, its not going to be far from this no matter what program you use. Much better would be to redraw by hand, and probably in a different style more suited to vector. stubbys.svg
  6. dcbevins

    Which one

    I think the box is to type a value. If I understand what your asking. The other box(es) might be just for text and not the whole selection. The width height boxes effect everything selected, no matter if its text or other objects.
  7. dcbevins

    Which one

    I'll add the little lock icon locks the aspect ratio so changing width or height with proportionally change the other. Unlock it if you want to go silly putty.
  8. dcbevins

    New to this!!!

    If your new to all this, especially vector graphics, it is all hard to use. Vector graphic programs have more options than a commercial airliner cockpit. I've never used Vinyl Master, but have heard good things about its capabilities. I think they have differing tiers of the program, so the most you can afford. Going with a program that drives the vinyl cutter and does design all in one is one route, like Vinyl Master. The other route is to go with one program to cut, and another dedicated design program for designs. Going with a dedicated program, you learn skills that can be applied to other en-devours in graphic design. Inkscape is free, very capable given it is open source. Adobe products like Illustrator are prevalent to a super majority in industry, so learning them give you transferable skills. They are the most expensive. I use CorelDraw. but it is much smaller following. What ever you go with, it is going to take a great amount of time. You could probably get skilled enough to get things done in 120 hours or so. Intermediate competence in a few months. Mastery takes years.
  9. dcbevins

    Inkscape design import to scalp 5 pro

    Link to the svg. Maybe save as eps from Inkscape. Many programs have a quirk with svg's when the units are not set to pixels.
  10. dcbevins

    Transfer Tape

    I've had some improvement dealing with coraplast, wiping the coraplast with a dryer sheet before the transfer tape.
  11. dcbevins

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    The big squeegee if your solo. But big swaths of transfer tape is a two man job with no other tools. Get someone to hold it like a paper towel roll. Got to the floor if your out of table space. https://www.youtube.com/user/bigsqueegee
  12. dcbevins

    What to bring for wall install?

    Tweezers. If it is not a smooth wall, maybe add a tennis ball to your list. In that same vein, something to push on the vinyl while you lift it up with tweezers like this https://goo.gl/UyUAvX if it won't stick to the wall and wants to lift with the transfer tape. 631 is much less sticky than 751. You could have issues if the wall has texture. Alcohol could discolor the wall. A cleaner that won't discolor and dries fast.
  13. dcbevins

    Importing SVG files to SCALP 4

    Here I resized it again and made it all RGB. Probably should have lead with that. I would be curious as if it makes any difference. I saved from Illustrator CC to Illustrator CS6. I am not as sure where all the color settings hide in Illustrator. I mostly use CorelDraw. But I am pretty sure I got it to be RGB. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o17o04ukaij2hrm/86txtroopResizedRGB.ai?dl=0
  14. dcbevins

    Importing SVG files to SCALP 4

    I don't know enough about SCALP to know what is happening. One thing that stands out is the artwork is larger than the canvas. Maybe this gives SCALP grief. Link below for a ai file with the canvas resized to match the artwork. The color document model is using CMYK. Maybe SCALP can't deal with cmyk? I also am a bit confused what this has to do with SVG. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q766n6ummlb6h64/86txtroop resized.ai?dl=0
  15. dcbevins

    Never had to do this so trying to figure out a easy way

    In CorelDraw it is the Contour tool. The regular one gives more precision, but the interactive one is fast.