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    Not finishing the cut!

    I loaded scal on my widows laptop and it works like a charm. Very pleased with my sc cutter
  2. Jrpdash9

    Not finishing the cut!

    I was using the USB due to the Mac not having the serial port. Yes scal3 Ok I'll try reloading the driver
  3. Jrpdash9

    Not finishing the cut!

    hello, I just recieved my sc cutter today, installed everything on a all-in-one mac with 10.7 os. typed "test" and it drew it fine ( had pen in). wrote it twice no issues. went to draw 3x in a row ( all at once on the paper) and it stoped half way through. everything else i tried had the same result.. i am going to try another computer (pc) and a new cable tomorrow. i do not have a stand so i do not have the ground wire that goes between them. but i would not think a piece of paper would build that much static that fast. any ideas where to start?