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  1. Thanks, I tried the reinstall, but no luck, then changed it from USB002 to USB003 and it works again! Thanks for your reply
  2. My computer recently had a windows update, my printer wouldn't work, that was an easy fix. My plotter on the other hand, not so lucky. I'm using flexi starter. USB connection . Any ideas....anyone? Thanks
  3. GATOR

    flexi starter 8

    thanks mfatty, that did it!
  4. GATOR

    flexi starter 8

    sorry, been outta town, heres the dongle. It had been working fine with windows 10 for several months
  5. GATOR

    flexi starter 8

    using windows 10, getting this message :Security key does not match password. I'm thinking the dongle driver needs to be updated. how do you get into the dongle to remove the old drivers and install the new thanks in advance
  6. GATOR

    Write Port Error

    finally got it figured out tonight. I did like skeetz recommended, went with the keyspan adapter. Plotter is nice, went from a 24"x62" wide cut to 33"x 1800" with the mh driver. Some times after cutting the cutter head doesnt return to its origin and I have to hit reset. also on a couple cuts, it just did its own thing and stoped out in the middle of nowhere. anybody else experience this?
  7. GATOR

    Write Port Error

    ill need to get a usb cable for my monitor because its tying up the 1 com port I have. thanks for your help skeetz
  8. GATOR

    Write Port Error

    I was using a refine MH721 plotter and it used the roland driver. My version of flexi is 8.5
  9. GATOR

    Write Port Error

    I am using a refine MH871 MK2, windows 7 and flexi starter and I keep getting this in the production manger: "cant open port" I've got the baud rt set at 4800 on the plotter and in the program, using com 3 and usb connection. what am I doing wrong. thanks in advance oh yeah I cant even get it to cut anything in the "SURE CUTS ALOT PROGRAM" I do an test cut like they show in the video and notheing happens
  10. GATOR

    Cornhole boards

    very nice work
  11. got the part saturday, installed and no change. I ordered a new MH871 on Saturday and it arrived today. cudos to UScutter for the quick shipments. I'm still not cutting action with the new plotter. I have installed the sign blazer software and waiting for a conformation code to be emailed to me. I'm using the usb, com 3 port, I'm also using flexi starter, when I try to cut something , I get a "cant open port" in the production manager. Any ideas? thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the info. Is there any videos showing the repair? Thanks again
  13. Hi, this forum has been a great aid to me over the last 5 years but maybe this time it might be my plotter is wore out. I have no down force, You can crank as much down force as it has and its like the blade is just glideing across the vinyl. I've checked to make sure the wheels are in the track , thats all good. When I use to turn it off and then turn it on the cutter head would kinda snap to attention, now it just kinda rolls the vinyl on the pinch rollers and the cutterhead doesn't move like it use to. Its will still go back and forth on the track, just no pressure. My set up Refine MH721 com3 connection flexi starter windows 7 this plotter is 5yrs old, it was bought in 07, maybe its reach its end? any help is greatly appreciated
  14. GATOR

    flexi starter issues

    Skeeter, that did it. thanks for the help!
  15. GATOR

    flexi starter issues

    I usally leave my computer on, but windows was wanting to run some update and needed to be restarted. Now I cant get my flexi starter to run. I keep getting this : "cannot find the security key that matches the password" I have the dongle installed and its its lit up. Anybody have any ideas? thanks in advance Gator