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    When I called and spoke to a sales person at US Cutter, just before you replied, he said that the differences were, 1. New manufacturing build house 2. Better, Stronger servo motors 3. More easily navigated control panel 4. Color But that's all he said was different. I'd like to see a side by side feature and spec comparison. And why can't US Cutter sell their cutters without software? I have VM Pro, and don't need VM Cut US Cutter Edition. But I would like to purchase a Titan 3 SE if I can get some better info with my question. *Oh and he did reassure me that the material vacuum hold was retained on the new model* Thank you @davidb
  2. Positive P


    Since there is no Titan 3 discussion forum, I guess this is the place to ask. I have been checking reviews and reading on the Titan 3 for a couple months, and had decided that after Christmas I would buy the 28" model. I work a lot and just recently noticed the SE versions of the Titan series. I can't find anything anywhere that offers a side by side comparison of the Titan 3 and Titan 3 SE, full specs and features breakdown.
  3. Positive P

    New Tech Support Portal

    How often are these updates? Are you using real world results and suggestions from every day users, or do you have a panel that you employ for these updates? Can we make suggestions or where do we apply input for future updates? Thank you
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    3D and Ghost line

    I'm the founder of FLorida BassHeads. It started 5+ years ago, I designed the logo on paper and paid to have it made digital and later vectorized. Kurt, the owner of K and A Kustom Graffix is my partner, and the one I mentioned above that uses the Vinyl Express LXi software.
  5. I had another graphics designer do this for me several years ago. Started from a logo (the second pic) I had designed for a large group here in Florida. He uses Sign Warehouse's Vinyl Express LXi software. Can this be done with any of the VM software?
  6. Positive P

    SCAL Pro Help

    Thank You for the help
  7. Positive P

    SCAL Pro Help

    Please help, We just put together a package from US Cutter and we are new to this industry. We purchased this setup as a learning experience. The future plan is to learn with this setup then upgrade to other equipment and eventually start a business with this. I grasp the concept of designing a decal and sending it to the plotter. I'm more hands on in my learning process, and I have yet to find any info on pulling an image into the SCAL Pro software and vectorizing the image in the software and setting it up to cut. Any help with my dilemma would be greatly appreciated. I'm running SCAL Pro with a US Cutter MH plotter Thank You in advance Paul
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    Newbie Tart Cart

    Hello all and greetings from Central Florida.