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  1. Or any input on the Copam CP2500?
  2. So I currently have the MH-871 MK1 & the MK2. Both 36" The MK2 has such little hours on it, but I broke the carriage arm, and honestly just did not like it compared to the MK1. But now my MK1 is giving me issues with larger cuts not finishing the cut, or dove tailing and im thinking its time to replace them. I was contemplating the SC series machines, or the Laserpoint II machines USCutter offers. I want a rolland, or a graphtec but its way out of budget, and im just not there yet to have such an expensive machine. Im looking to spend up to $500, less the better. Any suggestions in that price range? Thanks Everyone.
  3. I wish something was loose so it could be the cause but I just went through everything and nothing is loose, or out of place. Everything seems normal or how it should it. I know these machines are cheap but is it bad for them running all day? These past 2 days ive had a large amount of work to where when I start the machine is turned on, first done, weed it, tape it up, start cutting the next. and so on. So the machine sits on all day when I get days like today. Is that not good or does it even matter?
  4. Blade depth is set correctly, blades are what was included with the machine, .25mm. The pink vinyl came from Imprintables.com, whatever their house brand, calendered is. It has always cut fine and with reverting all settings back to how it was it cuts just fine except when its a huge cut it does what is shown. What I showed above was after messing with the settings it started to do it on any cut no matter the size.
  5. So still no luck. Set it at 2mm overcut and it did it even on the smallest of cuts. Set it to 0mm, it did it. Set it to 1mm, it didnt do it but it will when its a big decal. Setting it with a E Speed of +0 with 1mm did it as well. So I took the E Speed back to +5 and it made a clean cut. Im pretty much lost.
  6. Does "E Speed" make a difference? Ive never touched it but noticed it was set at +5. Im assuming its the speed moving from cut to cut, so I dropped it to +0, and I noticed it was notable slower and took its time. Haven't tried it on anything large but on a 10" x 4.5" it did pretty well.
  7. Just checked the set screws and everything is tight. Checked the setting in Sure Cuts A lot and overcut by default is on & set at 1.0mm :/
  8. So I have the MH-871 MK1 & MK2. Been favoring the MK1 and using it as my primary but lately its not finishing cuts on larger decals. For instance on a 10" x 20" a cut line would start and in the middle slightly move over a little causing a gap in the line. Im using Sure Cuts A lot 3 Pro. Any idea why its not doing this? I noticed in the program I pin pointed it down to a node where it cuts off, simplified the image to reduce the nodes, and it still does it. When I preview the cut path before sending it out, everything is connected as it should. So its something with the cutter or cutter settings im assuming. Ive swapped USB ports & cables with no luck. When I cut the same image, smaller, it does not do it. So its something with bigger images. Any idea? I read with Felxi theres an option for over cut or something like that, is that what I need to be doing but with Sure Cuts A lot? If so, how do I enable it?
  9. 303Decal

    Release Paper? Help Please!

    No I currently dont offer install services. Havent got that part mastered yet to confidently do it myself. haha I keep all my scraps for this reason but I dont have anything that large either. Looks like im gonna have to waste some vinyl to make it work :/
  10. Im new to the vinyl cutting world and so far its been great. But one thing that keeps me stumped is, if you have a large multi-color image your cutting.. Your going to cut one color at a time, and layer them appropriately. What if what you need to layer requires more backing paper? Are you suppose to waste a bunch of vinyl so you have the size backing you need? or do they sell the backing paper desperately somewhere? For instance a customer currently is wanting a wedding decal for the dance floor. Approx 48" long. Example; Someones name <3 Someones name Marriage dates Now the hearts inbetween the 2 names actually will sit behind both names, and down into the dates a little. Making the hearts LARGER than the text. Lettering is white, heart is red. So the heart will have to be layed first, then the lettering on top of the heart. I used to just cut and tape backing over sections that overhang, but im wondering if there is an easier way or even a place to order a roll of just the backing? Does this make any sense? haha.
  11. 303Decal

    MH 871 vs MH 871 MK2

    Okay so I don't know where to post this or maybe I just can't find the mh series in the cutters section. Feel free to move. so I recently purchased a mh 871 mk2 and only put maybe 20-40ft through the machine before accidently breaking the clamp that holds the blade holder in. Anyways, long story short, my uncle had a stock pile of vinyl he gave me along with his old cutter. He had the mh 871. due to my foolishness and breaking mine a week after I bought it, I'm now using the first generation mh 871 that was given to me and all I can say is I love this machine 100x better then the mk2. I don't know what it is or what's different but its worked out alot better then the newer one. so my question is, is there any difference in the 2 cutters? Both same size, look the same, more ports, different clamp, and settings but out of the two which one is better? any input would be awesome, thanks guys and gals