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  1. alohacy

    calibrate traccking

    Thank you, all the previous have been applied and problem still exists. is it possible that one of the pinch rollers is not applying the same pressure, and is their a test for this?
  2. alohacy

    calibrate traccking

    I never heard of it before either, My question is to answer why my material v98 reflective is not maintaining straight tracking , in this instance, the reflective is moving 5/16 of an inch off over 6 foot. if the run is longer it gets worse. so if you were to give me suggestions on how to correct this problem, this can be referred to as "calibrating" thanks cy
  3. alohacy

    calibrate traccking

    does anyone know how to calibrate tracking for a titan2
  4. Aloha Im cutting V98 Reflective and i see the material running off 5/16" over 6 feet. what is the method to calibrate? Titan 2, 28" win 10 scal 4 pro thanks cy
  5. alohacy

    Hello, from Kansas

    Aloha from Hawaii
  6. THANKS FOR THE INFO, ITS COMMON SENSE. I appreciate your time a always. I was a little nervous, this stuff is 7.00 a square ft. just one more question, should i use up my greenstar application tape or buy something with a better tack? thanks cy
  7. Aloha I am new to V98 5500 Lime Fluorescent Reflective. What is the recommended DOWN FORCE? what is the recommended SPEED ? are my 60* greenstar blades sufficient for this material? should i get cleancut glitter blades? I am cutting large 19" letters and numbers for water hauling fleet, side of tanks. MAHALO CY
  8. cutting relective

  9. alohacy

    FB Hack information

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  10. alohacy

    FB Hack information

    hi Ive got stuff written in Russian, on my replies. what do i do, translate it.
  11. alohacy

    good support from Craft Edge

    hi skeeter no not really specific, it was more of a list of questions from support. this gave me an opportunity to organize my thoughts and try one fix at a time. the problem i was having was that the driver was not being seen , so i just kept shutting down and starting over with installing driver and it worked the 5th time. I still give the credit to craft edge because i think they knew it was a driver issue. just took awhile to get me there.
  12. Aloha I was having a problem config with my scal4 pro and titan2 . craft edge drilled down on the problem and the problem is resolved. Be patient with them they are a small company and i believe the product is good. I sent them a bag of Kona coffee for their effort. mahalo alohacy
  13. Thanks for giving me some items to work on, after i reconfigd my pc I asked craft edge for assistance to activate. since i have already uninstalled and reinstalled today in addition to the activation by craftedge, i probably do have a activation issue. however , i do not have a activation or trial expired message at start up.i have two kids in college so i cant just buy a new program,cant afford it.maybe craft edge will be understanding. thank you for your time and effort Cy
  14. is it possible that the usb cable is no good? thanks