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  1. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Happy to see your response & from the way you started well that’s the stage I’m at in my life. 26 started at 22 and I work an hour away at a high school that for he most part is known for the school that never sleeps and I work almost every Saturday so that’s 6 days a week. I didn’t find my niche yet so for as far as I know I paid off all my machines with money from what I did so for you to attack me. I feel, maybe I’m wrong .. but instead maybe guide me from your experience as for I’m in the beginning stages of this growing industry and I will say it again I’m sure it’s fustrating seeing the same post over and over again but I also did state that I attacked my situation wrong. So for someone admitting they are wrong takes a lot and I wasn’t here to waste anyone’s time as to if you saw the history on my computer & or phone I been looking but didn’t read anything on the tab of the blade. Hey I over looked it maybe it’s there and I will go back and continue to try and learn from this. So thanks I took your info and will work on my designs a little more
  2. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    LOL buying any of my stuff? I don't need you to sit there and believe me nor do I need your money. the criticism is nice thanks for your input. I won't lie though Id love to know how you started up / why you started up / and if you had the money or got it handed to you to start up? for me ... lets just leave it at if we had a chart 1-10 id be in the negatives and learned from ground up and after 4 years I can honestly say I know nothing compared to some of you people but guess what. I hustled and made SOMETHING out of NOTHING and continue to try and learn. so please the inputs nice and i appreciate what your saying but if your going to be an ass and bash me. Then i don't need your input or advice on any of my posts in the near future.
  3. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Your correct & can not answer that honestly. I was proud of what i traced for the first time didn't really ask what people thought of it but wanted to show that i got the machine to at least cut where before the post I didn't even have the tab properly set and I was blaming the force and speed. Dakotagrafx wanted to know if I got it & instead of asking for help and disappearing i figured id write back but, due to me not doing this full time it took me a few days to get back to him. But again thank you I will continue to play around with the settings and get it perfect to your liking. maybe while I'm at it i will take some classes on adobe since clearly Im no artist and need work.
  4. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    That’s what I had to work with so I apologize I’m not a professional like you but I think I did pretty darn well for a first time trace.
  5. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Ok clearly didn’t read my post and just continuing on bringing someone down. “First time using trace tool on a software I never used before”. & the anchor was suppose to look beat not point on. Thank you for your input though appreciate it
  6. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    I can see the frustration in people on the forum. There are some topics I see and I’m like wow did they even try? I mean I’m a noob still after 4 years and been lurking this site for 4 yrs and I feel like for the amount I posted over that time is far less then I see others at. I’m not bashing anyone but I truly only posted when I’m stumped and for someone to tell me I’m not reading or I did something wrong and don’t touch it again .. we’ll thats not going to happen. I stated it earlier to you, I figured out after this post I don’t know how to explain myself and have every right to get defensive because the fact that I learned this from nothing. a lot of google / videos / risking money I didn’t have to try this and for someone who isn’t consistent over 4 years all the money I spent I made back, so I must be doing something right. But honestly thank you for your help and I will be more then happy for anyone reading this using a Mac I’m here if needed.
  7. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Well the anchor is a rustic look not suppose to be sharp and point .. it’s suppose to symbolize NY as a whole... as for the other it was from a drawing and I just started using adobe illustrator 7 days ago as a “trial” so today was my last day with it and I feel for a fast mock up using the trace tool off of a sketch it came out pretty well I feel. I will be buying illustrator to practice more ... if you flip both these cuts over there is absolutely no sign of the blade cutting to far so I’m sorry but I don’t understand where your going with the rude comment. I can take the criticism but to bash me for a first time graphtec and adobe user I must say you are wrong when it comes to blade depth ... force is at 7 and speed 25 cm/s. The top of the anchor as I stated clearly must be something I did it adobe as to for that spot ONLY it cut threw but not the rest. Thanks for the input I will practice ALOT more with my NEW machine.
  8. boat vinyl

    Very awesome to hear about this 651 like others stated ... I am also curious if you have pics at the end of the 6 years?
  9. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    I want to thank you for your time it was a user error and it’s official I do not know how to talk when it comes down to the issue I’m having. I did not notice the tab issue at all, I had it above not below & I guess when I was looking at the manual I was not understanding what it was talking about so I was just winging it thinking it was a force / speed issue. The machine works amazing and no issues with my Mac I’m officially a happy camper. First 2 cuts with it ..... cut very very nice the anchor I don’t know why it punched holes at top but I’m sure it was the way I made it in adobe illustrator because the rest of the vinyl is perfect.
  10. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    I’m currently at my day job 9-5 I will get back to you .. appreciate your time.
  11. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Good thing I didn’t touch the firmware and that’s how it was sent to me which is why I had all the problems ... when tech support asks we’ll do you have a PC ... no f**khead I told you I’m using a Mac 100 times so is there another way to help me or are you going to keep asking me if I have a PC after stating it 100 times. Then the lady at UScutter “oh well it’s a super new machine and they probably didn’t get the macs workIng yet”. This is the type of help today so I can see how you guys get annoyed but just know some of us don’t try to use the forum to just talk about things already talked about sometimes the information is maybe similar to you big shop guys but to us Home people sometimes it’s not common sense and you have more stupid tech support people then I could ever imagine. Thanks for the help I appreciate everyone’s help from the past but lately this forum is just extremely aggravated for I don’t know what reason.
  12. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Excitement kicked in never had a problem with my titan so I figured I knew what I saw doing .. (clearly not) that would of been nice but I find automatic these days means you’ll have to fix it yourself anyway so I much rather not have the machine “do it for me”. Thanks though. Btw I didn’t get a manual in my box I did get it off there site a few days later so I jumped the gun and just started doing what I thought I already knew.
  13. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Blade tip is ok & I will have to check the blade holder now. I know when I put it in it felt like it dropped into place and on the CE lite I had to return they said it would click which it did. This one don’t click but feeling like it dropped into place I assumed it was ok. Will definitely check into that now.
  14. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    That was the thing though 30g wasn’t even cutting threw some of my test cuts ... I was using a youtube video at that time and was the only reason I used 30g but in my head I figured that was way to high .. I lowered the blade from there and went down to 16g and I guess I’m just not getting the proper mix of both and that’s my issue I’m assuming now
  15. Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Yeah I was just trying to explain the steps I took .. not that best with word or explaining .. my apologies