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  1. Hiya. I have a 1200mm sc1261e liyu cutter. I set it up via a USB to serial and using a serial cable and everything was working great even up to last night and then today cutting the same stuff I was cutting last night it's gone horribly wrong I'd do everything as normal. The cutter would start cutting as it should. On signcut the timer green back seems to shoot forward and complete time Hangs around 10 seconds and then before a minute into the cut the cutter returns to where it started and does a weird cut at the bottom and just stops. The display on the cutter says "now is cutting". Anyone know what could be causing this? It's so strange and wastes a lot of vinyl
  2. hey all i am using a backup cutter, only a cheao joys mt871, its all setup as refine in the settings menu but for some reason, i set everything up, load my image in signcut and it starts cutting fine, and i am pretty sure as soon as the time elapsed/time remaining box goes of the screen the cutter just holts and never actually completes a job. its usually a few minutes into the cut. i have a similar setup but with a ct630 cutter and that never fails me. is there anything in the settings that i could change or do to make the cutter complete a job. its so annoying and it just wastes vinyl. thanks for any help in advance
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    Signcut pro weird issue with tiles and printing backwards

    wow thanks just did that and it worked!! thannks dude much appreciated!!
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    Signcut pro weird issue with tiles and printing backwards

    Mz skeeter They are different cutters. The 2nd one is mt871. I couldn't find the actual driver for it but read somewhere that graphtec driver actually works and it did. However in signcut I couldn't find thee and model joys mt871 so I just selected the same one as my other cutter ct630 and matched the settings and it does actually work just got this issue with it splicing my images into tiles. Is there anything I could do?
  5. fedjastacey

    Signcut pro weird issue with tiles and printing backwards

    Forgot to say on my main cutter I am using signcut too exact same settings and that cuts fine no problem. Just weird how on the other one initially it cuts a mirrored image and when I rotate it it splits it into tiles and doesn't cut the whole image in one?
  6. Hey all Just bought a cheap cutter as a backup and set it all up and it's working in a way I can send something from signcut to it and it starts pronting But when I press cutout it the cutter cuts backwards when I do t want it to. Obviously if I mirror the image in signcut it does print the way I want it to. But my main issue is if I am sending something for example size 100cm by 50cm to the cutter the wait itnwoildninotially print on by 600mm cutter it wouldn't fit so I have to rotate the image 90 degrees so it cuts long the length of the vinyl. But when I do this it splits my image into 2 tiles and if I send to cut it only cuts from one of the tiles. Is there a way to sort this out? I just want to be able to cut it as once piece not have it split into these tiles? Can anyone help? Thank you
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="darcshadow" data-cid="350254" data-time="1395762804"><p> If that doesn't do it, try flipping the decal over and peal the backing off so that the decal and app tape are laying on the table. Some app tape works better than others, what type are you useing?</p></blockquote> Never tries that so far but it sounds worth a shot will try it next time. Thanks for the advice guys
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="jaybird" data-cid="350238" data-time="1395751116"><p> Is the backing paper stuck to the letters around the edge of the cut? If so your blade is still too deep and it'll be miserable to get off the backing.</p></blockquote> I do mess around with the blade on different vinyls to get it to only cut the vinyl and not cut the backing paper. In this case it was real nice cuts but the application tape does not pull the letters of the packing paper. Maybe it's down to the vinyl
  9. Haha that Is hilarious!
  10. Hey guys When I use avery vinyl I have I believe I set the blade as best as if can be. It cuts fine and weeding is so easy all excess comes off and leaves all my cut stuff intact Then I apply application tape but when it comes to applying it to a wall or wherever trouble starts when peeling application tape back it keeps leaving pretty much everything still stuck to the backing tape and I have to manually lift a letter off one by one before the application tape will pick it up Anyone know what I could be doing wrong Thanks for any help in advance
  11. I too have been doing some digging and yes there is several different version of it Mine is branded as ct-630 and comes as USB only no serial port at all. Which sucks when wanting to avoid the USB issues every seems to experience But so far so good few little glitches but it's not a bad entry level cutter once you get to grips with it
  12. Thank you. I will give it a shot
  13. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="dakotagrafx" data-cid="349853" data-time="1395530108"><p> Try oiling your blade holder and check for small pieces hiding in the holder</p></blockquote> Thanks dude. Will try When you say oil it do u mean open the holder and put the oil in where the blade is held?
  14. hey guys. I am new to vinyl cutting and am still learning With my cutter I got given some spare rolls of vinyl and most of them were avery not sure what thickness tho but I had very miniman problems using that even printing quite busy lettering Then I ordered some cheaper stuff which is £10 for 5m 610mm off ebay and immediately noticed to touch it feels very different to avery and it's a lot thinner. Upon a test cut it was cutting through too thin. So I adjusted the blade and made it as small as I could and it cut sort of ok and weeding and peeling was real easy However during the cutting process on some lettering the vinyl would start to come off and peel a bit and I'd have to push it back by hand Is there any suggesting and ideas how to stop that happening Thanks in advance for any help
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    looking for wall quotes vectors eps/ai

    Thank u mz-skeeter