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  1. i now have the driver but cant get the cutter to comunicate its set as HP GL as people advise but im unsure of settings in flexi
  2. scoobyworx2014

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    can anybody advise the settings for flexi starter 8 and graphtec ce6000-60, have the driver for the ce5000-60 which people says works also set to HPGL but no joy
  3. My FlexiStarter 8 is a bundled version that came with a PCUTCT630G model so only shows Liyu, PCUT and another cheap brand in the drop down menu, i need the csm file for the graphtecs. I dont want to have to buy another copy of FLEXI as i have the dongle and its a genuine working copy ive used for 3 years on the pcut. I know the driver exists i just cant find it
  4. I have flexi 8 that came with my pcut cutter and i need the driver for adding the graphtec ce6000-60 to it, can nybody help as im drawing a blank
  5. Im in need of FlexiStarter 8 drivers for a graphtec ce6000-60 can naybody help