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  1. Die-Cut

    Roland SP-300V Question

    Yhea No metallic but I saw a test print page and it shows white cream and grey.
  2. Can this printer print in white and metallic colors or only white?
  3. Has any one found a good clear vinyl that can be used on the Workforce 1100/W the Cobra Pigment Ink. One that I can print on and will actually look good.
  4. Die-Cut

    Affordable Laminators?

    Actually I was looking for one myself There a cuople on Ebay don't know how good they are but for a 8 1/2 x 11 was 24.95 Plus the shipping.
  5. Die-Cut

    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    Does the Cobra Epson Workforce 1100 CIS is this Pigment Ink or is it Pigmented and do any of the two have UV Protection? Sorry for the DUM Questions.
  6. Die-Cut

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks Dan Will do.
  7. Die-Cut

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks Guys
  8. Die-Cut

    Which vinyl cuuter can I use.

    Hello, Everyone I hope am posting this up in the right section. I plan on making custom decal on clear vinyl and white colored vinyl so which will be a good vinyl cutter and program to use. On some of my projects will be circular vinyl stickers so my question is will the vinyl cutter cut the whole based on the size I need. Also is there a vinyl cutter that can cut out a particular shape meaning cutting the actual vinyl paper for example in the shape of a whale. So instead of having the sheets I can just have the vinyl stickers stacked up in the shape of a whale and not the actual size of the paper. Any Info would be great Thanks In Advance.
  9. Die-Cut

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I am new to vinyl printer and the craft. I am looking to start making my own decals but I need some guidance. Am in the market for a vinyl cutter but I have to many needs so I am wondering if there's and all in one cutter or program that will allow me to meet my needs.