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  1. Mel16

    Corel x7

    So after quite a bit of online price shopping I am now the proud owner of Corel x7. I purchased x5 from US Cutter (it's even cheaper now) and then purchased the upgraded version of x7 from on sale as well. I figured since I'm just getting into the design I need to own my software (didn't want to commit to Adobe CC and their monthly fee at this time) so this is the route I went. So I'll be reading all the threads here for help and direction.
  2. Mel16

    Thanks for the Xmas gift USCutter!

    Jay, I don't remember how, but you have to activate your account with MVD. This site sells wonderful stuff and usually always has discount codes.
  3. Mel16

    Thanks for the Xmas gift USCutter!

    Very nice designs. Thank you US Cutter and MVD!
  4. Mel16

    Looking to get into Heat Press Shirts

    Thanks, I'll steer clear of it.
  5. Mel16

    Looking to get into Heat Press Shirts

    Did you happen to buy this heat press? If so how is it? I'm looking to get one too with my amazon gift cards.
  6. Well Happy Black Friday to me All my $$ when to US Cutter! Thank you for the great sales!
  7. Mel16

    Back up, Back up, Back up

    I like the idea of auto sync. I'll look into drop box.
  8. Mel16

    Vetrans Day

    agreed... very well said. Freedom isn't free.
  9. Mel16

    Back up, Back up, Back up

    I just purchased a Seagate 3.0 2TB drive, for just that reason. But does anyone have a backup program they recommend, or just the windowos one? I'm running on windows 7 home premium.
  10. Mel16

    shirt boards

    I have the "Flip Fold" in the adult and jr size, love them!!!
  11. Mel16

    Anyone need a little Cheer?

    Thanks for sharing
  12. Mel16

    High School Graphics request.

    grabbed a copy. Thanks
  13. I have the titan2; took a while to get the settings correct, but stepping up from a craft cutter to a quality cutter was well worth me pulling out my hair. And my ruler is "wrong" too, good thing I don't use it.