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  1. express2100

    Looking for Avery Vinyl

    I am looking for Avery Ultra Gold SC 900-219-M I only need a yard or so of 24". If someone has some or knows where I can order it by the foot please let me know. Thanks
  2. express2100

    Christmas came a little early this year.

    Nice find indeed! Ruger is great to work with and their lifetime guarantee program is amazing. Pretty much no questions asked in my experience. I’m not surprised they are sending you a free stock. You may want to send the entire rifle in for a once-over being that it was ran over and who knows what before that. They may just replace it.
  3. express2100

    Wall Logo

    Looks good from my house. I would think 631 would have been much easier to work with and had a softer look.
  4. express2100

    Layering 4 layers and bubbles

    I see two colors....where are the third and fourth layers?
  5. express2100

    HTV recommendation?

    Pretty sure I learned this from the goose! That or like minds think alike:)
  6. express2100

    Weekend De-Chrome Project (PIC HEAVY)

    Looks great Moody! How did you achieve the raised sig?
  7. express2100

    "Chip" with vehicle and boat designs?

    "Chip-n-Dip Main Signs" .....bring your own dip
  8. Wish I had your problem Dakota!!! Thanks for the notice and have fun filling those orders.
  9. express2100

    Craigslist Score!

    I may go to take advantage of the deals. Still a hobby down here but that may change in the next few months. I need to buy and learn new software first.
  10. express2100

    Craigslist Score!

    Good deal! Looks to be in decent shape. Funny I was just searching your name when I ran a crossed this post. Just wondering how the business is going for you?
  11. express2100

    Art Classes That'll Take You Beyond Stick Figures !

    Hey I could use a class like that
  12. express2100

    Which Squeegee

    I use this one on almost every job. Easy to use and a big time saver. <br /> <br /> <a href=''></a>
  13. express2100


    mmm popcorn
  14. express2100

    Oracal 651 questions

    You might want to try a "Sealitpen" which is a vinyl edge sealer. I'm not sure how the tumblers would react to it but since they are handled so much it might be worth a shot.
  15. I designed a logo and would like to upload it to Vistaprint but it is in the wrong format. The error message says to rename the file as jpg pdf etc. The only way I know to do this is to double click the name in my folder and change the .gstudio to .jpg or .pdf but this doesn't work either. What am I missing?
  16. express2100

    Couple magnets and some freebees

    Nice! Are you cutting the oval magnets or can they be purchased?
  17. express2100

    Who can put some stripes on my show Mustang?

    Well hopefully someone comes up with a nice set of stripes for you. I've been wondering what you decided to go with since your post a while back. Just my opinion but I still think a matte or satin is the best choice for that color. I really like that color on the Mustang and it should be tastefully accented. Maybe a dark charcoal or soft black. I put a set of Roush inspired stripes on my golf cart and it turned out great. Post pics when she's done.
  18. express2100

    Does anyone have "Antique Shop" by Letterhead Fonts?

    Thanks for the clarification. Guess I misunderstood and was a bit surprised
  19. express2100

    Cheap tote Source?

    Sanmar has been good to me so far!
  20. express2100

    Does anyone have "Antique Shop" by Letterhead Fonts?

    You can't be serious OW! Are you really asking someone to illegally pass on a copyrighted font? Come on man you've been around long enough to know how it works! Pay for it, make the sign, sell it to your employer and you'll have the font to use forever for future profits.
  21. I too would like to see a pic of this 30' sign with screws every 8" or so... I have never attempted a sign this long (or wide) before but my gut tells me to build a track top and bottom to slide the substrate into and cap the ends.
  22. express2100

    What can you put vinyl on?

    look out your front door. they're everywhere welcome
  23. express2100

    ideas on some graphics I picked up

    Totally agree Dakota. I'd have to run it on my shop floor and put the BIG squeegee to use. I do like the gold though. I'll look at my 3M color chart when I get home and if it will work for me I'll let you know.
  24. express2100

    ideas on some graphics I picked up

    Too bad you only have one side. Gonna be hard to target any vehicle for those. My first thought was wall art as well. I'd pick a couple up from you for my shop walls but then again I can just cut my own
  25. express2100

    So I didn't fall off the Planet...

    Very nice!!!