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  1. Looks good from my house. I would think 631 would have been much easier to work with and had a softer look.
  2. I see two colors....where are the third and fourth layers?
  3. Pretty sure I learned this from the goose! That or like minds think alike:)
  4. Looks great Moody! How did you achieve the raised sig?
  5. "Chip-n-Dip Main Signs" .....bring your own dip
  6. Wish I had your problem Dakota!!! Thanks for the notice and have fun filling those orders.
  7. I may go to take advantage of the deals. Still a hobby down here but that may change in the next few months. I need to buy and learn new software first.
  8. Good deal! Looks to be in decent shape. Funny I was just searching your name when I ran a crossed this post. Just wondering how the business is going for you?
  9. Hey I could use a class like that
  10. I use this one on almost every job. Easy to use and a big time saver. <br /> <br /> <a href=''></a>
  11. mmm popcorn
  12. You might want to try a "Sealitpen" which is a vinyl edge sealer. I'm not sure how the tumblers would react to it but since they are handled so much it might be worth a shot.
  13. Nice! Are you cutting the oval magnets or can they be purchased?
  14. Well hopefully someone comes up with a nice set of stripes for you. I've been wondering what you decided to go with since your post a while back. Just my opinion but I still think a matte or satin is the best choice for that color. I really like that color on the Mustang and it should be tastefully accented. Maybe a dark charcoal or soft black. I put a set of Roush inspired stripes on my golf cart and it turned out great. Post pics when she's done.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. Guess I misunderstood and was a bit surprised