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  1. A couple of weeks ago I installed my MH-871 on my old desktop with Windows XP no problems.    Today I'm trying to get my MH-871 to work on my laptop Windows 10 (64 bit)   I plugged the cutter into my USB and installed the Driver as instructed on this site,  Cutter shows up under Ports Com 5,   I didn't get the error about the driver signature so I didn't do the restart troubleshoot steps to disable the signature of the driver,   it show the drivers installed and working properly but I cannot get it to come up as a printer,   it keeps showing up under other devices 


    Can someone help ?

  2. I picked up a MH871 and I want to hook it up to my Dell which I already have a roland plotter connected to via Serial Port,   Now I would like to hook up my MH871 to this same computer,  I was thinking of running the MH871 via USB but have read of issues of the USB not being reliable.  



    So my question is do I try the USB or can I buy a Switch box to switch between the two plotters via Serial cable?


  3. I picked up a MH871 Cutter today, and I coudn't see it power up,


    So I got it home and powered it up and the Fan runs, the control panel screen lights but no words, and the 3 led's are lit, and none of the functions on the control board work,  



    Where do I start to troubleshoot this?


    also does this take a special blade holder or is there aftermarket ones available ?


    Also how do you tell if the cutter is MKI or MKII ?