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  1. I have a MH-871 MK1 and i was using it with Corel Draw x6,  (yesI have cut straight from corel)  well I upgraded to Corel 2017 and haven't used my laptop to cut since,  ( I have a small roland tractor paper style I use on an old xp desktop) so the other night i wanted to cut a pattern out off the laptop and Corel Draw didn't show my cutter.   So I went in and I see the cutter under my USB devices and it appears to be working according to device manager.       

    can someone tell me how to get this listed back under my printers or set up so my corel will recognize it again   

  2. A couple of weeks ago I installed my MH-871 on my old desktop with Windows XP no problems.    Today I'm trying to get my MH-871 to work on my laptop Windows 10 (64 bit)   I plugged the cutter into my USB and installed the Driver as instructed on this site,  Cutter shows up under Ports Com 5,   I didn't get the error about the driver signature so I didn't do the restart troubleshoot steps to disable the signature of the driver,   it show the drivers installed and working properly but I cannot get it to come up as a printer,   it keeps showing up under other devices 


    Can someone help ?

  3. I picked up a MH871 and I want to hook it up to my Dell which I already have a roland plotter connected to via Serial Port,   Now I would like to hook up my MH871 to this same computer,  I was thinking of running the MH871 via USB but have read of issues of the USB not being reliable.  



    So my question is do I try the USB or can I buy a Switch box to switch between the two plotters via Serial cable?


  4. I picked up a MH871 Cutter today, and I coudn't see it power up,


    So I got it home and powered it up and the Fan runs, the control panel screen lights but no words, and the 3 led's are lit, and none of the functions on the control board work,  



    Where do I start to troubleshoot this?


    also does this take a special blade holder or is there aftermarket ones available ?


    Also how do you tell if the cutter is MKI or MKII ?