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  1. I have a 30"x30" area. 17x17 red square with state of California shape cut out of it, 7" black letters to the right reading "so cal" and three lines under it measuring 30" long. Already made just need help with price. I can't post a pic because files are too large but will gladly email them if needed. I want to beat the price my boss paid, but don't know what that would be quoted. He doesn't remember. Please help.
  2. Can't wait to quit my day job!

  3. JohnnyChopps1

    Free Font Package Question

    I have been interested in downloading free fonts from the innynet. YouTube has links to mega packs for free and vectorial a dot com has some also. Is this a good idea? How free is free really? Are there copyrighted materials you can't use although they are free? Fonts will be for commercial use.
  4. JohnnyChopps1

    Vinyl cutter blades!

    Okay so I have a question, once again. It has been said, "you have not because you ask not" so here I go- 45 degree and 60 degree and whatever else degree, what is the difference? I am cutting vinyl only, do I need a variety yet or should I worry about it later when I know what I am doing?
  5. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    I ordered 2 rolls of oracal 751 white and black, and a roll of 631 to practice. I got the 4076rla tape in 24" and a cheapo 12" application tape to see the difference. I didn't order squeegees yet but I am gonna use a couple of Home Depot ones to start because I have them around from work related jobs and I will add from there. Thank you again to all of you on the forum! I can't wait to post some of my art once it's produced to see what you guys think. My soon to be wife is bad to the bone at graphic design and already had made up some awesome art. I'm looking forward to merging from work to graphics. I can't stand being so far from home.
  6. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    Difference between 000 and 010 white???
  7. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    Ok! You guys are helpful. I am gonna un shun the internet and use it for info because I just learned how to find stuff on uscutter website and I like it. I am gonna buy 631 to practice on because it's cheaper and I'm gonna get 751 to do my final work on. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction, it helps to have a place to ask people before i point click buy my way into things. I'm still in a hotel room waiting for my shift to start but when I get home I should have a little pile of goodies to play with waiting for me in neat little fed ex boxes. :-)
  8. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    And what about app tape? What do you guys use? I've been reading about problems with the clear kind (no problem, don't want THAT) but what kind will give me hassle free application of the paper kind?
  9. JohnnyChopps1

    Free samples links seem to be dead...

    I would like samples of products (vinyl) from these manufactures to see which ones I like and I can't get access to any of those links... Probably due to high volume sample requests. Is that no longer an option?
  10. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    So I am checking out uscutter right now. I'm looking at oracal631 and my question is, what is the difference between 631 and the 7xx series? I want a large roll of white and black to practice with but I wanna be able to apply it outdoors if need be. Will this work?
  11. JohnnyChopps1

    Best source for materials? Vinyl, application tape?

    Sorry I posted in wrong section. I didn't scroll down enough to see the vinyl section. Darn noobie. I haven't looked yet, bear with me I am a farmer and have slim to none experience on the internet...
  12. My Graphtec should be showing up today! I haven't set up a tax ID yet so I can't get a commercial account with any vendors yet but when I do, where should I start?
  13. Just two more days til I buy my cutter. . .