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  1. outlaws

    ARRGG! Appliance woes

    I used to do appliance repair but was too honest and couldn't make any money. You are right most of the guys I worked with (not all) were parts changers and didn't know how to diagnose the problem! Most of the time the owner doesn't care because all he sees is the bottom line whether you fix it or not! Butch
  2. outlaws

    Hello from NC

    Welcome from Georgia but formerly Charlotte,NC
  3. outlaws

    Cutter doesn't complete cut

    How intricate is the design? I have an SC and when it does this is because it is low on memory. I have to clear and select a lower number to cut. Butch
  4. outlaws

    Glass etching help

    Harbor freight or northern tools I have found the ao there. Butch
  5. outlaws

    Glass work

    Awesome work Bob!
  6. outlaws

    Sad Day for me.

    John so sorry for your loss. May God lead and comfort you and your family through this sorrowful time. Butch
  7. outlaws

    First cutter

    Jim, I know this question has been asked numerous times on this board. The search option really is your best friend. I own a USCUTTER SC. The only thing I can say is it works great but my next machine will be a Graphtec! The SC is noisy small details are a little bit of a learning process in the set up. Once dialed in it cuts well. The memory is not all that, in other words it will not take a lot of detail. My advice is go ahead and jump up to the Graphtec just to save time Butch
  8. outlaws

    Clock face

    Outstanding as always Bob!
  9. outlaws

    Hi From Georgia

    Howdy from Augusta
  10. outlaws

    My first Sublimated shirt

  11. outlaws

    Finally got a Harley

    Nice! Watch out for the fools on the road!
  12. outlaws

    New to vinyl , looking for a starter Machine

    Looks like you are off to a good start!
  13. outlaws

    Done with clamshell Heat press's

    Glad I bought mine before you decided to hang on to it
  14. outlaws

    wine grape vines

  15. outlaws

    Size of your monitor?

    Wow 15" laptop