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  1. Moody Blue

    New Work

    Some recent work I did. Also become Moody Blue Designs, Inc. today 4x4 Venom - Matte Black and Metallic Silver Oracal 751 Flag Window Graphics - Matte Black Oracal 751 Carolina Designz - White Oracal 751 Mini Cooper Engine Cover - Wrapped in Avery SW900 Charcoal Metallic w/embossed "Mini" and "Moody Blue Designs" Chevy 1500 Dechromed Front End - Avery SW900 Glossy Black
  2. Moody Blue

    New Work

    I just cut thicker vinyl to emboss with. Typically just use the same stuff I'm wrapping with since it's much thicker than regular sign vinyl.
  3. Moody Blue

    I did it!

    I buy those at Fellers and Metro Restyling
  4. Finished my first commercial job this past weekend. 2014 Rav 4 used Avery SW900 Matte Black and Glossy White along with Oralite Black Reflective for the lightning bolts. Also used knifeless tape to break up the body line and contrast with the color of the car for a really nice effect against the dark metallic gray.
  5. Moody Blue

    I did it!

    If you don't want to wet install check out the wrap vinyl...3M 1080 or Avery SW900. Both have an "air release" grid on the back and temporary adhesive that will allow the decal to be placed/replaced and applied dry without wrinkling or bubbling. Its a bit thicker than your regular vinyl but the outcome is great.
  6. Moody Blue

    New Work

    Also my new Rtic Tumblers and some cool giveaways for my "Moody Swag Pack"
  7. I have the same cutter. I have not replaced the motherboard on mine in the 4 or so years I have had mine and have had no issues. Make sure you have the correct driver downloaded for the machine...only times I wasn't able to cut there was an updated driver available. However I am using Signcut Pro and running from Mac OSX so not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. Moody Blue

    Another Newbie in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Welcome from upstate SC
  9. Moody Blue

    matte black vs gloss black

    Although the 651 is considered "intermediate outdoor vinyl" it's the lowest grade on the market. Nothing wrong with using it, just wont look good for as long as the others. I prefer the SW900 simply because of the initial "low tac"...basically can lift and re-position without having to sacrifice the vinyl...and the air egress is perfect for easy dry application. Plus in my experiences the wrap vinyl is much easier to remove than your regular cast vinyls and won't leave as much (if any) nasty residue to have to clean when the time comes.
  10. Moody Blue

    matte black vs gloss black

    May I suggest not using fact I wouldn't use regular vinyl anyway on a vehicle graphic. Go get some Avery SW900 Matte Black and will look better and last longer. Plus the air release makes these babies super easy to apply.
  11. You want the letters to just be an outline or outline and fill? If you post an eps I can help you out. Should be able to just weld with the pathfinder tool and will connect the lettering.
  12. I would do a solid "white" fill with a color stroke first. Use the "arrange" tool and put some letters behind and some in front to achieve the look you want and then from there can expand and make just an outline. If you are using Illustrator CC you can live edit the text without having to expand first...however it's probably easier to work with the expanded objects as opposed to text. Hope this helps.
  13. Moody Blue

    FB IMG 1447907462373

    Love that idea!
  14. I just cut my logo at 4" to do my cups. Granted my logo is also a circle which will make a difference. Top picture is my personal cup...wrapped to match my truck ...and the bottom pic is my new social media giveaway items a friend of mine is making. Those were 4" logos I provided and he painted finished the cups for me.
  15. Vehicle wrapping and vehicle lettering/graphics. Started out doing mostly offroad and 4x4 graphics for trucks but have slowly been shifting my focus to the full wrap jobs. I enjoy the challenge and art of installing the wraps.
  16. Moody Blue

    Todays Install.

    Oooh I know that font!! It's my favorite...however I am a little biased Thank you for your help making it happen!
  17. Moody Blue

    Working remotely

    Ive been toying with the idea of a toy hauler travel trailer. This would allow you to have a workroom/garage area for the plotter and computer plus the living area so you can camp out and sleep on site in some situations.
  18. Moody Blue

    My first few jobs

    The picture looks like Ronnie Radke...lead singer for Falling In Reverse and previously sang for Escape The Fate. Not really a good role model for a 14 y/o being his history of drugs/rehab/and prison. Sorry for the useless Metal knowlege...It's one of my many traits ...oh and he also hates his mom. Makes that apparent in most of his music.
  19. Moody Blue

    First Commercial Wrap Job (Pic Heavy)

    Total was about 20 hrs. That's including breakdown/parts removal, cleaning, wrapping, cleaning, reassembling. I had 1 extra set of hands helping me on this. Worked on it over a course of a week putting a few hrs a day into it since we both also have full time jobs.
  20. Moody Blue

    First Commercial Wrap Job (Pic Heavy)

    This one we actually did not work around the fogs. He wanted to keep aspects of the factory paint job so when we followed the body lines with knifeless tape ended up not even having to work around those. Typically when I do....if the recess isn't too deep with throw some primer 94 around the edges and seal them....if it is will place an inlay within the recess and when the bumper is laid looks seemless.
  21. Moody Blue

    Vinyl vs. Rear Window Wiper
  22. Moody Blue

    Vinyl vs. Rear Window Wiper

    How does vinyl hold up against an SUV rear window wiper? Customer is getting a full wrap and wanted to add logo and lettering to the back window. The wiper is dead center and will essentially wipe across the entire logo. Note I will be using Avery SW900 vinyl for this application.
  23. Moody Blue

    Dumb Questions on Image Usage

    In most cases of "free" simply give credit where credit is due and you will be fine. For example if someone shares files simply give that individual credit for the artwork as opposed to claiming to have created it yourself. Be weary of registered trademarks though...even second hand downloads can get you in trouble if the wrong person gets wind of what you are doing. Also be aware if someone posts restrictions such as "personal use only" or "non-commercial use" for example. Play by the rules and everybody will be happy.
  24. Moody Blue

    Vinyl over vehicle logo -yes or no?

    I do it all the time. Make overlays that match wraps we install. It's all about the little details.
  25. Moody Blue

    Vinyl vs. Rear Window Wiper

    I've seen that. Seems to be a trend in the "bro" truck scene as well.