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  1. kracker055

    one sticker I hated to make

    that looks amazing.. good job.. im also a firefighter here in ky
  2. kracker055

    First Wrap

    looks very good.. im getting ready to do my first as well.. any pointers?
  3. kracker055


    those look awesome.. good work!
  4. kracker055

    Some Of My Work

    The some assembly required has been a big hit with popup camper people.
  5. kracker055

    Some Of My Work

    Just some of the things ive been working on.
  6. kracker055

    Race car graphics and half wrap

    thats great.. looks like i need to try some of that soon
  7. kracker055

    Table top etch... Compass Rose

    that looks really good!!!
  8. kracker055

    Race car graphics and half wrap

    that looks did ya like that knife less tape? ive heard good things about it
  9. kracker055

    Warmer Weather

    i like it .. looks awesome
  10. kracker055

    Project Blackflag

    looks awsome !!!!
  11. kracker055

    Wall print

    very nice i like it !!!
  12. kracker055

    Garage Wall part II, Best Part

    looks getting ready to do some of that in my new garage in the next few months
  13. kracker055

    Finally...made me a shirt

    Looks good.. i like it!
  14. kracker055

    Van and Trailer I did yesterday

    looks awesome
  15. kracker055

    Biggest order ever!

    Awesome job landing this!!!