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  1. TheKid

    New User, cutting issue

    Need a bit more info on your problem. Size of cutter? Did you create the text as one word or two? Did you define a mat size? BTW, Welcome to the forum.
  2. That almost sounds like your using unregistered software which deliberately puts a cut though in the object till it's in registered mode.
  3. TheKid

    Help with layering

    Use registration marks "Grasshopper" .. Search Tube for using registration marks. -kid
  4. TheKid

    Doing my enclosed cargo trailer!

    Why not get some paint mixed the color of the vinyl to mask such a small areas. Other than the bolts sore thumbs it looks great. -kid
  5. As Yoda said to Obiwon "There is another" -kid
  6. What version SCALP are you running.?
  7. TheKid

    Horizontal Vs. Vertical

    Rotate your object if your width is greater than 24" and your height is less than. I have a 14" cutter and can cut objects greater than 14" this way. Set your mat to match your vinyl. As long as your object is not greater than your margins you can position your file to cut by rotating it to fit your mat.
  8. TheKid

    Etched Seabees

    Is that made from an old PC scanner? Sweet!
  9. TheKid

    Text help with SCALP

    Your text becomes an object. Put your weed box around it and group together. OBJECT > WEEDING then drag mouse around both and OBJECT and WEEDBOX then OBJECT > GROUP Now your weed box and text are locked together. Next go to OBJECT > TRANSFORM > ROTATE Now you have the object traveling thru your cutter with the least width. If you want to mirror. OBJECT > FLIP >HORIZONTAL will achieve a mirror image. -kid
  10. TheKid

    Text help with SCALP

    To answer the OP's question if you have three lines of text and want to manipulate them all when resizing. Each line of text becomes an object. To combine the objects as one. Yes you use the GROUP switch. To achieve this drag your mouse around all three objects and select the GROUP. Now as the group is selected you can use the shift key and mouse to enlarge the object to your preferred size OR enter in dimensions. To maintain aspect ratio be sure that box is checked. Now that you have groups all objects as one. You can use the file in a website with the proper code to define it's size.
  11. TheKid

    Laser plotter cutters

    Anyone here dabbled with the 40-50W laser cutter-plotters as seen on ebay. I saw one for around $2500 and a smaller one for around $600. I want to try to make some vintage tractor serial number tags and thought about laser etching them. The one I'm looking at with either vector cut or burn JPG's to different materials.
  12. I believe if you hold the SHIFT key and drag the object to the size you want. Or type in the size you need and have the box checked. I just upgraded to .060, but haven't had a chance to check it out for bugs.
  13. TheKid

    Dragging layers

    When using SCALP3 my colors are layers displayed on the right of the screen. I can close the eyes on the ones not cutting so to cut one color at a time. Opening all eyes shows the layers stacked as lines in preview. I guess one would describe as cut by color when selecting that layer. If the weed box is not grouped with it's color one can mistakenly move an object in the weed box and mess up your cut. So your seven color Object would have 14 layers counting weed boxes. Only seven if the colors are grouped with a box. After grouping with a weed box they can be rotated and position to maximize your matt with less waste of vinyl.
  14. TheKid

    Sorry for asking a dumb question.

    One more thing I might mention. Cutting twice comes with risk. The slightest movement of the cut stencil could ruin your stencil on the second cut. My advice is to increase pressure and blade depth and test accordingly.
  15. TheKid

    Sure Cuts A Lot Saving files

    My version of SCAL3 3.053 defaults to NO to save when exiting. I also can "save as" prior to exiting and not overright original work by changing the filename.