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  1. Thanks to Kyle for the prompt reply. His answer quoted for posterity:
  2. MH721-MK2 Connected via USB to windows 7 PC cutting with FlexiSIGN Pro v8.1 I was cutting Friday night and when my last cut finished I reached up to unfasten the pinch rollers and static shocked the cutter. The screen went black and now when I cycle the power on the screen stays black, the reset light flashes red and the cut head taps in unison with the flashing light. Obviously it won't cut or respond to any inputs in this condition, I would just like to double check that this is a symptom of motherboard failure before I order one. I cannot seem to find this specific symptom in previous posts but I have seen other cutters that died as a result of static discharge needed a motherboard replaced. As for grounding, the cutter stand is grounded to the cutter but I think In this instance the static buildup came from me so I think I need to start looking into tethering myself to the cutter with a grounding strap like computer hardware techs do and maybe even grounding myself to the house with a bare copper wire before I touch the cutter... I just don't want this to happen again. The cutter is stored and used in a carpeted spare bedroom/office and moving it is not an option.
  3. I beg to differ, see my previous statement where a 10+ year old Master/Desay (~$500) does not have this same problem at all. That cutter is also run with Flexisign 8.1
  4. Through hours (literally) of reading on this forum I have found many different suggestions for fixing this issue but none are working for me, or seemingly anyone else with this issue. From reading I gather that some higher grade cutters have a function built-in to the firmware that arranges cut order to optimize blade position to reduce or eliminate this issue from happening. I guess that this lack of finesse in firmware programming is to be expected with a $300.00 cutter. I cannot WAIT to purchase a servo motor driven cutter from another company.
  5. Cut size does not matter. As mentioned before it just makes weeding small cuts difficult. Big cuts are easier to weed but they still end up with this pigtail at the end/begining or incomplete cuts on circles. Plotter is less than a year old and has always done it to some extent but I do feel like it is getting worse. Either that or I am finally getting fed up with it.
  6. I am having this same problem with a MH721-MK2. Roller tracks are clean, belt is tight, blade is a new CCB 60*. I'm using FlexiPRO 8.1 on Windows 7 through a USB connection that I have never had a communication issue with. Overcut and offset are not the issue and I'm cutting at 150mm/s (half the default speed) just so we can elimnate all of the suggestions from this thread... The issue seems to be that either the cutter starts to move onto the next cut before lifting the blade or the blade is not in the correct position when it comes down at the beginning of a cut. If that is the case, I know the blade rotated position is dependant upon the angle of the last cut it left. Is there any way to optimize this between lines so this happens a lot less often? Any more suggestions? I'm open to this being a software issue, but I also have a Master-Desay cutter that does not exhibit this same behavior using much the same setup.