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  1. Ah-ha..... now sorted - increased the Baudrate on Sign cut and Blazer to 38400 and all is now OK.
  2. Hi I am trying to setup my CT630H plotter, but having issues..... I have Windows 7 and running Sign Cut and Sign Blazer (downloaded after reading the newbie guide). I have downloaded the driver from the US Cutter website. Connection is by USB - I have tried 2 different ones. The plotter is a 2012 model - with the buttons arranged in 2 circles either side of the screen and the reset buttons being near the cartridge. The settings in device manager are same as in sign cut/blazer. When I send a plot, the following happens: Sign Cut: the plotter says 'working', the fan starts and it just sits there Sign Blazer: the plotter say 'working' and the cartridge moves to the left hand side of the plotter until it hits the reset button. at the same time the vinyl feeds backwards. The image to plot is 100mm x 50mm and set in the right hand corner. Can someone tell me how I can confirm he baud rate on the actual plotter? Also, any ideas on what to investigate next would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Anthony