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  1. Good afternoon, I have a US cutter MH 1351 that I purchased prior to the new year (Oct. or Nov. of 2013). It was cutting ok (images were bigger than the design) until the Z-axis quit working. I have tried the battery test which worked, we have also purchased the z-chip but it appears that there is the possibility the newer models do not have a z-chip? If this is the case what do I need to do to get this machine running properly again? From images on the us cutter web site it appears I have the MH Series Refine Motherboard MK2. If the chip is replaceable on this equipment does anyone have an image as to where it may be located? The chip that I received from US cutter has a part number of RFPZAXCHIP on the bag but on the chip it says EA30. Thanks in advance for any information. I really hope to get this running this weekend.