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  1. Thank You Sue2! Your pretty good there. Paul
  2. What is the fonts of the Morning Belle At The National? Thank you for any help.
  3. Anyone use the 3D vacuum heat press. Wondering where you brought it from and how you like it. Pros and Cons. Than You Paul
  4. My Sawgrass sometimes does the same thing. I need to reboot and even if I leave the job in the que when I reboot it prints has soon has i have fully rebooted.
  5. Sorry I found it.
  6. Fonts help. Please any help would be good. Thank You
  7. Thank You I figured it out It was for Mug I was doing. I had to turn all the layers. And leave 15oz. layer active. Printed ok. Thank You.
  8. I meant 1.38 gig when spooling. filling my whole page when prints. Printer setting are right fit to page is turned off.
  9. 5.38 mb blowing up to 1.38 when spooling. Its a .crd file. its a coffee cup mug 15oz design. Any one that a look I can send you the file. Any help would be great. Thanks Paul
  10. About a year ago my blade holder come up missing Kids. And Uscutter had them on back order. So I took a chance on one on ebay And I got this one from Ebay worked just fine with my SC. I did find my other holder later. When one of the grandkids came to me with it asking what is this?
  11. Slice in Dice I think your right!
  12. Coastal has the Sawgrass SG on sale for like 400.00 buck.
  13. They are letting you know CRAP 4 is the newer version. Some different a few good things.
  14. Dakotagrafx is checked at 365. Thats what I always used at Med. press.
  15. 4th 1969 Chevlle.