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  1. I'm having trouble getting the blade and the force to come out to work in my benefit. Currently I have it working with the Force at 40 but I have been told you should really try to get the force to 100. I'm concerned though because the blade is just BARELY poking out of the tip of it and having it at 40 does a good job at not cutting all the way through vinyl and paper but here and there on small detail work it will cut all the way through the paper and mess up. It seems that I can't get the blade to go in that much more so I'm wondering how I would be able to get the force up to 100. For all of you having it working, is the blade just BARELY poking out? I'm talking the tiniest tip poking out? (I feel like mine is already barely poking out but I could be wrong) Any other tips with this? Thanks.
  2. Hello USCutter, I just recently purchased the MH721 Cutter and have been trying to set this up on my macbook. With the cutter came two dics, the miniature unlabeled disc and the signblazer elements (both WIN CDs) with it also came SignCutPro (1 Year). I knew I couldn't use signblaze or the unlabled due to my mac, but I downloaded SignCutPro for mac os x. Now, I'm trying to set up my cutter on the macbook and have no idea what to do. I believe i need some sort of software to detect the cutter when it's plugged into USB or even if anyone could tell me how to find if it is detected on Mac OS X. And how will i fully set up the cutter with signcutpro? I know a girl who set up her same cutter on her Macbook and uses signcutpro but she is on a trip to Europe so I'm unable to contact her. I really have no idea what to do or what software to get (if needed). Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Austen
  3. I was vectorizing images in photoshop and I was wondering if the .EPS format you can save through photoshop can be used in any cutter software. I'm having to resort to Photoshop because sometimes in Inkscape the pictures won't want to bitmap properly so I'll just end up cutting out the pieces in photoshop. Anyone point me in the right direction to be more successful vectorizing in Inkscape? Alot of the time I have 2D images that are straight black lines and it won't ever bitmap or vectorize properly. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong section.