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  1. LOL @me...I had no idea there was such a thing as AUTO MARK REGISTRATION... I thought you used the Flexi 10 software to print your picture with registration marks and then place it into the cutter the ...YES...align the registration using the arrow keys...then CUT... I have seen this machine attached to the flexi 10 software working as i think will do me...for the time being... I m not a mass productiong sticker maker Just want to use the cutter to cut out tshirt transfers and the like At present i cant do this with the MH721 and the version of flexi 10 software...That has been my issue all along...
  2. Not how i am reading it Sir. See below __________________________________________________________________________ CREATION Pcut CS630 Professional Vinyl Cutter Be the first to review this product Creation top of the range vinyl cutter. Professionally designed and featured with contour cutting, offline operation, high pressure & speed comes and accurate cutting. Comes with FlexiStarter 8.6 worth over $100 & floor stand. Zoom
  3. I believe my best bet is to DUMP what i have ...the MH721 as it is just too much work to get it to contour cit and simply buy a more better expensive machine Whats your thoughts on the CREATION CS630?
  4. My apologies for being such a Dumb Aussie Girl.. I, along with others here did NOT know the version of my flexi 10 software was not a full version. Damn. Why you being so hard on me. I purchased a MH721 cutter and software. Sure, I fully admit from the start that I know basically ZILTCH..Hence my reasons for asking questions. I did not know the requirement on here was to be a SOFTWARE GENIUS or a COMPUTER SCIENTIST. Hell guys..I asked for help. Sure i may have only provided what I now believe to be half the information that was required to get a correct answer. But anyone can see a newbie coming and my suggestion is if your willing to help & guide a total novice then would it not be best to seek out information from the newbie before setting upon them... I also had no idea there were specific cutters that could NOT do contour cutting... All I did was ask for HELP and all I now get is ABUSE because I'm not a nuclear scientist. Please in future try to be a lot more inquisitive & patient with a total novice. Remember! YOU were one once.
  5. For some reason i cannot add to my previous thread...i keep getting database here is my new thread.. Previously i had problems getting flexi 10 to communicate with my Refine MH721 cutter.. Well not exactly It communicates and cuts great However it is the CONTOUR CUTTING feature im having continued problems with,,,,, Upon advise here i went out and purchased the Keyspan USB to SERIAL convertor and a null modem cable suggesting this was the problem Not it is NOT... the problem im now believing id the Flexi 10 software & the machine combination.....being the version of flexi 10 i have is only the P-CUT version which im now told will not allow interaction with the machine via the Contour cutting interaction ARROW KEYS used to move the cutter head to the Registration marks to indicate to the machine the location of the contour cut that is required... so now after spending over $100 on convertors and cables that are not needed.. does anyone have any further opinions or advice please if you need more information on my situation please ASK and i will provide.... Im getting extremely frustrated at people either guessing or assuming my problem and having me spend extra money i dont need.. Please Help Regards Belin
  6. Hmmmm. dont be too certain about that...LOL take a look at our craftsmanship...Made specially for you rev heads over there
  7. Both you guys are wrong... While you try and pass yourselves off as no need to remember something as simple as Googling require product knowledge.. and you guys have that so in fact that makes you a expert in this area and you all have been a great help to me even if the conversation got a bit colourful...LOL
  8. You know...I had this exact some problem when i purchased a Chinese CNC machine... it had a Mach 3 controller and it required a direct serial port to run it I did buy a old computer to do that job...and it worked like a charm... but alas...i sold the cnc machine and the computer went along with it... but one thing that comes to mind now when i installed Flexi 10...when locating its Com Port it did come up as MACH 3...that i thought was very strange but as you say...its old technology wrapped in this years christmas gift wrapping..
  9. Great...i just ordered and paid for it... Should have it in a few days.... Then can I annoy you further if need be on set up...
  10. I found their RESELLERS from your links... You See. This is why your considered a expert in my books...LOL I think where we crossed swords earlier was we had our nations pride at heart...LOL USA Vs AUS... Having thinking many of the very same product come wrapped in different packaging.. For example.. Take a look at YOUR NEW 2013 Pontiac......Great Car..YES... Well it is made right here in good ole Downunder and is marketed here as a HOLDEN COMMODORE The exact same vehicle with a steering wheel moved to the Wrong Side LOL (to suit USA) is sold over there as a PONTIAC That was my point here.... Exact Products Packaged with different BADGE.. I do hope your not to angry with me...
  11. Wonderful...Thank you I found this place Just so I am 100% certain.. This is the product you are suggestion YES Regards Belin
  12. To me you are certainly a expert with knowledge way beyond myself. I understand what your saying about those 2 brand names. They being in the USA. However on a UK forum they are suggesting a UK BRAND for this purpose, So my point is that there MUST be equivilent products but just carrying different Brand Names within different regions. Would you not accept that is possible?
  13. I understand.. But I am going to try this USB -SERIAL ADAPTER from Jaycar Australia. added with a 9 pin to 9 pin null modem cable and attach it to the COM input of my cutter I have had the Technician guy online from JAYCAR and he has inspected bothe the TRIPP LITE and Their equivilent product which is in the link....and he seems to think the specifications are the same Take a look at the link and give me YOUR OPINION please Oh..and its now AFTERNNON over here...LOL 12.50pm regards Belin
  14. I am trying to give as much information as I can think of. Pictures of my Inputs on the cutter Pictures and links of the Local Product. I am happy to give more information but I am not sure what information is needed by you guys to help me...
  15. I agree & fully understand. I purchased the new computer out of urgent need as my older computer had a heart attack...LOL This computer doesn't only run a Cutter. It is used for other devices such as 2 laser engravers...4 printers including a large format printer...and several other smaller devices... So at present I am slowing re-connecting all the other devices and loading their software and getting them operational 1 by 1.... I only recently aquired this cutter. Maybe I purchased the wrong cutter for the purpose of Contour Cutting.and I should have gone for a more expensive one