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  1. Hahaha that's actually funny because I was thinking about that. I have worked in a hospital for 20+ years so I do have a few friends that can look at it. The only problem is that this thing cost me $700+ and it's brand new so I hope that the seller will take care of the problem if it has one. Don't want to touch anything right now. I know that something is wrong because it does the same thing even when I connect the mug press. It is cold as ice it won't heat up. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if it's the heat press or it's something that I'm doing wrong.
  2. Thanks, I just hope that UScutter's customer service is as good as everyone says it is. This was my first purchase from them so I really don't know what to expect. Will keep thinking positive and hope to get everything fixed tomorrow.
  3. I checked everything and still not working. This thing is brand new just took it out of the box this morning. Not sure what else to check. I guess I have to call USCutter on Mon.
  4. Hi guys here is my problem. I got the USCutter Perfect Press - Digital 5-in-1 Swing Arm Heat Press last week. I just cut some transfer vinyl for a few T-shirts. I go to turn ON the Press and it won't heat up. Am I missing something? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks