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    right side will not stay clean PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I imported it into sure cuts alot from Ai and it does it when it is imported.
  2. MotivatedNY

    Course vs. Fine etched vinyl

    What is the better looking etched vinyl in your eyes? course or fine silver etched ? Thanks
  3. The right side of my image will not stay clean even if its the same points as the left. This is hard to explain in text but easy to see in the pictures. When mirroring the image and uploading them at the same time the left side is perfect but the right side is bad has any one ever seen this before. perfect in illustrator, bad in SCA
  4. When using sure cuts a lot 3 the right side of my design gets crazy. This happens no matter what is on the right side and it clearly is not the .AI file because when putting the same image but having one mirrored the right side is bad but left is perfect. Please help...