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  1. Mercer57

    Pen blank casting and turning

    Cool, if you ever need a custom blank made let me know, I only have the mold for wall st or sierra, and 30 cal bolt action , getting more when I can afford them
  2. New thing I been doing, made this for my Daughter's band teacher , Corp of cadets logo her her school.
  3. Mercer57

    Printer disappearing

    Could be I know I upgraded all my win 8 stuff for free
  4. Mercer57

    Printer disappearing

    You should be able to upgrade to win 10 for free
  5. Mercer57

    ipf610 wide format printer works great paid $400

    All true, I also have the ability to clean and reset the pf-03 print heads , over $400 for a new head can get used for around $60 or less and refurbished and reset and get $200 for the refurbished head.
  6. Mercer57

    Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    I bought a new in the box Graphtec for 1195.00 shipping included and it came today can't wait to see if its all that everyone says it is
  7. Mercer57

    Epson ecotank printer

    hell there chap enough buy one for each LOL
  8. Mercer57

    Epson ecotank printer

    I have had it a few months with no issues it come's with pigment ink but I bought dye sub in and charged it with that cause I am using it for sublimation only
  9. Got an ecotak epson, works great
  10. Mercer57

    ipf610 wide format printer works great paid $400

    Not to mention my kids will have the coolest projects in school
  11. Mercer57

    ipf610 wide format printer works great paid $400

    I know they work great for wall art printed decals banners and depending on the paper they will work for outdoor signs indoor displays and posters. They also print awesome photo's and enlargements.All I know $400 for a 2500-3000 grand printer is a steal and I can put $ back from all the stuff this machine will do and buy a high dollar printer pretty much for a song .
  12. Got a sweet deal from a lil o lady from pasadena.
  13. Mercer57

    Feeling helpless

    I feel so helpless, My wife went to he home to vacation last week and on the way home today she called and told me her oldest daughter took her own life today, so she is on her way back to Pa.
  14. Mercer57

    Tractor supply blast cabinet on sale

    I went and bought one today and 50# bag of medium grit blast medium..............will update after I assemble it and try it out!