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  1. Little Al

    Neon Vinyl

    For that matter you can just make a sign and hang it behind the door and let it show threw.
  2. Little Al

    Neon Vinyl

    LOL Point made...
  3. Little Al

    Neon Vinyl

    Well best you can do is an outside application plus I'd cut white first and lay it down as a stroke or outline then apply your pink over top. Many other way you can go is put black down the same way as a stroke then apply gold letters and it will pop nicely and last as well as look classy. Other letter colors can be white, silver etc. anything that's going to make the lettering pop and be readable.
  4. Little Al

    Neon Vinyl

    I was just going to say the same thing, you might be lucky to get 2 or 3 months out of it. I done jobs in the past that were only up for 2 months and Uv Rays sure do a number rather quickly on the material. I'd advise the client of this and try to talk to something long term. Educate and sell.
  5. Little Al

    50 State License Plate Vectors

    Your 100 percent correct, drives me batty seeing all the incorrect ones on public safety equipment. Only exception is if the flag is on a pole then it may fly either way but must be attached to a pole, Free standing always star and bars forward! Great reply Ez!
  6. Little Al

    Camera Dial

    Damn shame and frustrating too.
  7. Little Al

    Looking for semi tow truck

    I'm in also, thanks for the share!
  8. Hahaha Nice work. Absolutely no need for it but funny! Nice job!
  9. Little Al

    In Need of A Windshield

    As much as your area can bear, everyone is a bit different due to cost of living, shop hourly rate etc. I was going to say 95.00 plus gourmets or anything extra but If you 5 a sq. your at 90 so they were close either way.
  10. Little Al

    Window washer dude?

    Thought I had one on my Trades and Occupation cd but I was wrong, anyone have something that may help me out please?
  11. Glad flipping it over helped you out, couldn't be to many things and that was the next to check. Don't forget to mirror your image also for shirts etc. Also agree with the others that you can get way more detail out of an image with heat press material rather than normal vinyl. The is a small learning curve but not a bad one and also there are a few really good clips on utube for folks doing a walk threw step by step. You'll catch on hang in there.
  12. Are you sure your not trying to cut the wrong side? Perhaps trying to cut threw on the backing?
  13. Little Al

    50 State License Plate Vectors

    And cheap too.
  14. Little Al

    Vehicle template needed

    Me too, I had pro outlines but much better to put a yard stick against it and take a picture and scale it out. Works real well.
  15. Little Al


    Perfect thank you kindly for the help.