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  1. jfronk

    WF-7520 CIS ink issue

    You might try the Inkproducts web sight and look for their head cleaning solvent. I use it for my Epsom 1400. You waste lots of ink with the head cleaning function. Clean heads after using the cleaning solvent. Hope this helps. Jerry
  2. jfronk

    Track and Field

    Greetings all; I am looking for a vector file of a track shoe with wings would some one have it in eps or svg format ? thanks in advance Jerry
  3. Greetings all; can some one recommend a good bold font. I am working on a military design and I have tried the Impact font and it is just not bold enough. I don't want to use the army style or stencil font, I need a good wide font. thanks in advance Jerry
  4. Greetings You might start your silhouette software, load your cut file, remove the guides if active, then if using win7 use the snipping tool to capture the cut file(only what you want to convert ) and with snipit save as a jpeg file then retrace it. I know that's a long way around but it just might work. let me know if it does. Jerry
  5. jfronk

    Need some graphic help

    Thanks H2o and skarekrow for your help is just what I needed. I tried all kinds of punch through things also the Bezier selection and just couldn't get the results that I wanted. Just learning the punch through trick, still have a lot to learn. I don't use or try not to use any copyright material. The local schools around here do use some pro team logos. I don't think the little 5th and 6th grade cheer leader teams are a big threat to the pro's. If any one has a video on how the use the Bezier tools please give me a shout. I am anxious to learn how to use them. Once again thanks for your help. Jerry
  6. jfronk

    Need some graphic help

    Oh thanks. That's exactly what I was trying for. You guys rock. I tried and tried to get that result but could not make it happen. Is there a video showing how to do that? Thanks loads. I am learning all the time. Thanks to this wonderful forum. Jerry
  7. jfronk

    Need some graphic help

    Cant seem to get file uploaded
  8. jfronk

    Need some graphic help

    Greetings all; I am trying to create a cut file for my daughters cheerleading and need some help. I am using sign blazer and I am trying to create the words EAGLES on the top line with a shadow hanging down with a eagle head punching through the shadow, I Hope that makes sense I am posting a sample of what I would like to do only using my images. I hope that I got all the images uploaded. Thanks In advance Jerry
  9. jfronk

    Sign Blazer Driver question

    Thanks for the replay. I know the Cameo is a slow cutter, but I was afraid that if I took the MK2 It might not stand up to all the moving around that would be involved and I did not want any thing to happen to it.. I will have to re think what I am going to do. Where would I find the HPGL driver? thanks Jerry
  10. jfronk

    Sign Blazer Driver question

    Hello all; Does anyone know if signbalzer has a driver that will work with the Silhouette Cameo? I am going to do some craft shows and would like to take the Silhouette Cameo rather than my MH 721 Mk2. I am afraid moving the Mk around will lead to problems. Thanks in advance Jerry
  11. I am wanting to cut some decals for my daughters cheer team to put on tumblers, I haven't been able to find anything on how to do this, I have several software programs that will give me a conical picture but they are not compatible with sign blazer software. Tried to import into sign blazer but having problems. Anyone know how to do in sign blazer? the tumbler size is top diam. 3 3/4 bottom diam. 2 1/2 tumbler Height is 5 /34 Jerry
  12. jfronk

    Need Help Please

    Thanks so much for the video, that makes it so simple. I was doing it all wrong and making it harder than it was. I knew I could find some one that would know what to do. I am learning so much from this forum. a big thanks for all. Jfronk
  13. jfronk

    Need Help Please

    I would like the word Mom to cut through the larger word. (Mom ) to cut into the word Football, basketball, Color guard, etc.
  14. jfronk

    a few new samples I did.

    I like those. Nice work...
  15. jfronk

    Need Help Please

    I am making new. Similar only decals for Color guard and cheer leading teams