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  1. DeepEllumGlass

    Need help with this will to pay

    This is the best forum! People are willing to help. The best!
  2. DeepEllumGlass

    Looking at buying an enclosed cargo trailer..

    We posted an ad in craigslist and bought this 2012 24 foot trailer for $1900. I know this is larger than you are looking for but my point is post a wanted ad and see what comes your way. The guy we bought from did not post it on line. He just called from our ad and sold it to us. We were gonna buy a brand new trailer for $5000. We bought this one for half the price. If I were you I'd either find a really great deal on used or buy a new one. The price difference between used and new is usually not a big difference.
  3. DeepEllumGlass

    SB / cutter issue

    That was the problem. Either I'm getting too darn old to remember or someone here set it to a different cutter. Thanks
  4. DeepEllumGlass

    SB / cutter issue

    Ok. I know this issue has been gone over several times already but I'm not understanding why I'm having this issue. When using SB, when I send something to cut it gives me the error "cannot open the output device. Error initializing cutter. I know this is a connection issue but if I use a different program I can send that programs tile to cutter no problem. I have changed my USB wire twice, also installed a key span. It first happened last week, I immediately put a different USB cord on and it worked fine. This week SB will not cut anything but other programs will. Any advice will be appreciated.
  5. DeepEllumGlass

    New to vinyl projects

    Welcome! If you just do a search on this sit you will find most if not all of the answers to your questions. That is how we have found our answers. This site is a great help but most of these questions have been answered numerous times.
  6. DeepEllumGlass

    fun projects.

    So that's vinyl? Wow. That looks embroidered.
  7. DeepEllumGlass

    Ease of use

    I'm 52 and just in the past month started cutting vinyl. Signblazer was much easier to learn for me.
  8. DeepEllumGlass

    Our Latest Wrap Install

    Looks great!
  9. DeepEllumGlass

    What do you think?

    Oops. Forgot the pic
  10. DeepEllumGlass

    What do you think?

    Wow! You really did a great job. I'm new at all of this and soon will try my hand at designing a logo for our business. I really like the attached pic. I contacted the on air company who this belongs to and asked if we could use a likeness and they said it was ok but we are gonna get that in writing before we do. Can anyone advise me how something like this was designed? What program? Thanks, Robett
  11. DeepEllumGlass


    My page:
  12. DeepEllumGlass


  13. DeepEllumGlass

    SB letter setup for coroplast

    Thank you
  14. DeepEllumGlass

    SB letter setup for coroplast

    On a 18x24 coroplast how do I set the size of the lettering to fit exactly on the coroplast? Do I just select then move the wording on the SB screen? How do I tell SB that my tile is 18x24? I'm sure it's simple but I'm still learning. Thanks
  15. DeepEllumGlass

    Things I've learned from this forum

    +1. Um. Everything! Thanks to everyone on here. This really is a great forum with great people that do not mind sharing what they know. One day I may be able to help with some input myself.