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  1. Thanks will try your suggestions it is currently on 9600 baud rate I am using flexi but even with just using test on machine and drawing the square and diamond I still get the wavey lines
  2. anyone? please im about to lose it
  3. Here is another pic the jagged one is cutter doing line other is me pushing on pen and moving carrage by hand hope this helps
  4. Jaybird its fine lol im very tired with this now so know where ur comming from.... to me seems like it could be interference from another source. Is this possible
  5. this is a pen?
  6. Jaybird thanks but have already done that all seems ok Slice&dice have tighted already how tight should it be any way to guage?
  7. please see attached picture what could be causing this tried loads ground wire tighten up everything i can see just about to give up have the same issue on vinyl