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  1. Font Help

    Looking to see if anyone has the Tiffany or Sthals Tiffany font they would share with me. I have a team looking for number and wording. I don't trust downloading from some of these font websites. Thanks, Tom
  2. Chevron patterns or shapes like a pocket

    Got it thank you.
  3. Looking for chevron patterns
  4. Hunt Club Logo need help

    Thanks everyone
  5. Hunt Club Logo need help

    To find a font will drive you nut...............i do it everyday. Thank you.
  6. Hunt Club Logo need help

    Here is a straighter picture. Don't know if that would help.
  7. Hunt Club Logo need help

    It is all greek to me. I am just learning corel draw. I traced it but the window glare shows up. Any one know where i could get the outline i can do the wording???
  8. Hunt Club Logo need help

    I am in Virginia.
  9. Hunt Club Logo need help

    I have corel draw.
  10. Logo Help

    Can anyone help me with this please???
  11. Hunt Club Logo need help

    Can anyone help me out with this logo? Please.
  12. Maltesse Cross Help

    Please help. Does anyone have this maltesse cross. I need it in a vectored form.
  13. Cancer Ribbon Help

    Need anyone help in vectoring this hose and nozzle for a local vol. fire dept. THANK YOU.
  14. Cancer Ribbon with Nozzle

    I need a vector of something like this. Thanks